Mad Moon Riot and Guns N’ Hoses rock The Viper Room

The best part of living in a city like Los Angeles is the endless assortment of concerts to attend. This past Sunday, we caught up with two of our favorites – Mad Moon Riot and Guns N’ Hoses, as they took to the stage at The Viper Room.

Mad Moon Riot @ The Viper Room 11/3/13Mad Moon Riot were up first, with another amazing set of music from their EP, Make Me, and a few newer tracks – including my current favorite, “Last Stand Man”. The group’s been together for less than a year, but performance after performance makes it clear their confidence and comfort with each other and their audience is growing. From the pure sex of lead singer Mia Von Glitz’ voice (who should be applauded for her risky, but oh so right shirt dress that left little to the imagination – designed by SSIK Designs), to the rocking instrumentals of guitarist Pou Piam, bassist Matt Hitchens, and drummer Ru Hazell, their sound is getting stronger – and we can’t wait until there’s a full album for them to pull from. Speaking of an album…

What’s next for MMR? Though coy about the details, they told us in our interview back in September to expect tracking on their album to begin sometime this month, and Hazell continued to tease the producer they’re working with is someone to be very excited about! With work beginning on their album, the show on Sunday was the last they’ll be doing in 2013. Merchandise is also in the works, with no designs finalized as of yet. But we’d love to hear what you think of a possible design Hazell mentioned – a pair of women’s underwear with the title of one of their tracks (“Beg Me”) on the front, and the band logo on the back. What say you, yay or nay?

Guns N' Hoses @ The Viper Room 11/3/13Von Glitz took to the stage for a second time Sunday night as bassist with the all female Guns N’ Hoses, a Guns N’ Roses cover band. Her bandmates Erin Marsz, Charlene Kaye,  Emmy Wildwood, and Gina Ilasi are still NYC residents, and were in town for a whirlwind weekend that included a performance on the local Fox affiliates morning show, Good Day LA. But their highlight of the weekend? A chance encounter with GNR’s very own Slash and Duff (who just happened to be rehearsing in the room next door. What are the odds?)! The trip culminated in their second ever LA show – a sold out house at the Viper Room, full of friends, family, and fans. They certainly rocked the house with some of GNRs best known tracks, and my personal favorite “Sweet Child of Mine”. The Hoses will probably think this a sacrilege, but I was always one of those who loved the music and lyrics of GNR’s tracks, but couldn’t really get past an issue with Axl Rose’s voice (interesting considering The Smashing Pumpkins were a particular favorite while I was a teenager) – so I particularly enjoy GNH’s performances fronted by the power of Marsz’ voice.

What’s next for GNH? Three shows scheduled in their native NYC in the coming months, but Ms. Axl Hose herself, Marsz, says they hope it won’t be long before they’re back in LA. At least, hopefully not another year between appearances (their first show was back in October 2012). And we’ve already put in a request for an interview with the Hoses upon their return, so get those questions ready.