The Walking Dead S4 Ep3 – “Isolation”

Daryl, Michonne, and Bob on the lookout for walkers in the forest.

Ladies and gents, if there’s one thing that is true during the zombie apocalypse, it’s that nowhere is safe. Not even the prison.

Quick recap of the first two episodes for those of you who may have missed it:

Episode 1: “30 Days Without An Accident”

Rick is refusing to carry a gun or be a part of the council that is now leading the prison, instead choosing to work on cultivating the small farm the group has established. Michonne returns from her hunt for the Governor. Glenn and Maggie discuss having a baby. Tyreese tries to find a job in the prison that doesn’t involve killing walkers, without success. Carl discovers Carol is teaching the other children in the prison how to use weapons and survive in secret.

Beth is unconcerned when she is told her boyfriend was killed during a scouting mission, claiming she “doesn’t cry anymore.” Daryl does manly things, except when he receives a hug from Beth,and Rick wonders if one can ever “come back” from all the terrible things one must do in order to survive. A young man falls very suddenly ill, dies in the showers, then reanimates that night while everyone is sleeping, starting a chain reaction of killing and reanimating.

Patrick turns.

Episode 2: “Infected”

At dawn, the silently growing zombie horde are finally noticed when they attack D-block. After clearing away the threat, the residents realize people aren’t just dying from zombie attacks. There’s a sickness, similar to the bird and swine flu, going around that is causing people to die and then reanimate. They decide to quarantine everyone who may have come into contact with the sickness, including Tyreese’s girlfriend Karen.

Drawn by the gunfire earlier in the morning, a huge horde of walkers is now converging on one spot on the fences, lured also by an unknown someone, who has been feeding them live rats. The group tries to prevent the fence from being overrun, but only when Rick and Daryl drive outside the fences and leave a trail of dying piglets are the zombies drawn away. Later, Tyreese goes to visit Karen, but finds a blood trail running from her cell out the door and into the exercise yard, where he finds the charred and smoking bodies of her and David, another man who had also been quarantined.

Alright, on to the most recent episode: “Isolation.”

Tyreese is understandably distraught over Karen’s death. Carol, Daryl, and Rick try to get him to calm down, but it turns into a fistfight between Tyreese and Rick, who is much more brutal is strictly necessary. The council meets and decides that the best course of action would be to raid a veterinary clinic about 50 miles away. Daryl, Michonne, and Bob, a former army doctor, prep to make the drive in one of the salvaged cars and Daryl tries to convince a very reluctant Tyreese to go along with them. It takes Sasha talking to Tyreese to finally get him to go.

Along the way, Daryl’s group hears a voice on the radio, which distracts Daryl and makes him crash into a walker. Unfortunately, the walker is only one member of a GIGANTIC horde of walkers. Daryl’s group abandon the car when it gets stuck on a pile of walker bodies, but Tyreese seems dazed and only wakes up long enough to be seemingly buried fighting under a group of zombies. Michonne, Daryl, and Bob flee into the woods, where Tyreese joins them again, somehow still alive. They continue running.

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