Castle S6 Ep6 – Get A Clue

I guess this was the Halloween episode? Also a ‘real-life’ Da Vinci Code ep – thankfully not at all like the movie or book in quality/eyeroll-inducing.

This week, while Castle is dealing with the fallout of a disastrous attempt at having dinner at Alexis & Pi’s (cutely decorated) apartment, he and Beckett have to solve the case of a woman found posed in a way that looks ritualistic, whose apartment is full of pictures of mysterious symbols. It starts to look very Da Vinci Code-ish when security camera footage reveals a bald monk having followed the victim the night of her death. Castle spins wild theories, because he is Castle.

Too bad Beckett wasn't there to see this. I think she would've been impressed.

Too bad Beckett wasn’t there to see this. I think she would’ve been impressed.

The woman turns out to have been a descendent of an American Revolution-era Freemason (of course). This guy legendarily was friends with George Washington and hid a treasure in the form of half-dimes: the first coins minted in what would become the US. Her cousin, angry that she decided to donate this wealth to the city upon her discovery of it, killed her to prevent this. (As happens often on this show, the cousin was the first person Beckett & co. interviewed, and he turned out to be the killer. Predictable, but oh well.)

Fun things from this episode: Mal– I mean, Castle swordfighting with the city scavenger hunt employee. May not have been a direct, obvious Firefly reference, but I’ll take it as one, anyway. Nathan Fillion seems to have improved his fencing abilities since “Shindig”, since he bested the other guy with apparent ease! I also enjoyed the Roman Holiday reference when Castle stuck his hand in the sculpture’s mouth. Well done, show. Another cute little Beckett/Castle moment: when Beckett giggles and informs Castle that their murder suspect is a “felonious monk.” Hee!

I’m guessing the symbol on the hand thing was a reference to Raiders of the Lost Ark, since that movie was namechecked at another point in the ep. Anyway, glad there weren’t any Nazis. The scene with Castle and Beckett in the crypt was delightful, if a bit unbelievable.

She totally fell for it.

She totally fell for it.

One thing that irritated me a little bit: Susannah, the victim, really went to a professor who specializes in “symbology”? Pretty sure Dan Brown invented that as an academic discipline for his book. I suppose it could have become a real thing since then.

Finally, re: Castle and Alexis. I think Castle could have made more of an effort not to be a huge jerk when he and Martha went to dinner. However, I would be more on Alexis’ side if Pi weren’t so annoying. Yeah, he’s not a bad guy, and I don’t actually think monitoring bee populations is a stupid job, but he’s just … blandly cheerful and grating. So I still hope he’s gone soon. Judging by the title of next week’s episode, this whole tension should come to a head by then.

What did you think? Did you guess the murderer right away? How should Castle deal with his Pi problem? Let us know in the comments!