Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, S1 Ep3 – Forget Me Not

Holy cow, this episode was fantastic!  And maybe it’s because I’d been yearning for more details concerning the Knave of Hearts (actually Will Scarlet, and sticking with Knave for simplicity’s sake), but in my opinion it was truly well done and intriguing.  It seems with each installment, another character becomes the star for a chapter of the plot, but what’s great is there are so many more mysteries to be uncovered when it comes to this loveable thief.  So, it should not be surprising when I tell you most of this review will center around the Knave and his interaction with other participants in the story.  It’s his time to shine.  Trust me, there’s PLENTY to talk about.

“Who better to catch a thief than someone who thinks like one?” ~ Alice

“I believe there was a compliment in there somewhere.” ~ Knave

KnaveMichael Socha is playing the Knave with just the right balance of attitude and sensitivity.  He may be my favorite character at this point.  And the crossovers already underway make me extremely happy, no doubt about it.  Admittedly, I wasn’t so sure about this spin-off before giving it a shot, but now I see it was a smart move on ABC’s part.  People who love OUAT are watching OUATIW, and if my judgment of the show is a fair example, the audience loves the connections being made between the two.  This episode explains that a few years in the past, the Knave was happily initiated as one of Robin Hood’s Merry Men.  He is skilled and worthy of a place by Robin’s side… at least, that’s what the leader is made to believe for a time.  Of course, he betrays their trust by stealing the Looking Glass from Maleficent’s castle.  You’re all smart.  I think we saw this coming.  After all, it’s the beginning of the Knave’s bad days.  His past is clearly going to get much worse before it gets better.  The poor guy is a hated man in Wonderland.  Let’s keep in mind that he has yet to lose his heart, so that monstrous event is heading our way.  I’m hoping the culprit uses a method similar to Regina’s in OUAT.  Nothing too creepy, you know?  Also, WHO TAKES IT (train of thought to be continued in the paragraph after next)?

GrendelUnderland: not nearly as wondrous as its neighbor in the Sun.  Quite literally, this is the underbelly of Wonderland and it seems to be a place where devious deeds are hatched.  I find it funny that they’re all so quick to attack the Knave for his wrongdoings when they themselves are probably guilty of much worse.  The Caterpillar is SUCH a creeper.  He’s basically a mob boss, and when he suggested the Knave hand over Alice as payment, I was all, Step off. Keep your grubby hands to yourself!  JUST WALK AWAY.  The prospect of what he may do when he finds out the Knave has robbed him of his prize is daunting, though.  His pretty face surely doesn’t belong on the Caterpillar’s desk.  We’ll see how he manages to get out of that one.  Speaking of his prize, the quest for the Forget-Me-Knot broke my heart.  Not because of anything that was said as they were trying to obtain it, but because of the Grendel’s grim demise.  Of course, I wish he’d had the strength to withhold the information from Jafar, but either way he was going to meet his end.  Jafar continues to do a spectacular job of making me despise him, and Naveen Andrews is doing right by his villain.

“Now, you’ll reunite me with my wife?” ~ The Grendel

“With pleasure.” ~ Jafar   

Red QueenTHE RED QUEEN IS ANASTASIA.  Am I surprised?  No.  Do I love it anyway?  Yes!  She looks completely different as Anastasia and it took me a second to actually recognize her for who she was because the girl we saw on screen actually looked, well… happy!  This brings up a few questions.  Was she already plotting and planning at that point?  Was the Knave just a pawn in her path to Wonderland?  If not, what the hell happened to her?  You can start placing your bets now, dear audience members!  For the heart stealer’s true identity, my money is most definitely on the Red Queen.  And if I’m right, my own heart is going to break when she takes it from the Knave, ‘cause he probably won’t see it coming from a mile away.

“Forget Me Not” enlightened us and explained many things about our darling burglar.  It also gave us numerous things to hope for, like the fated interaction between the Knave and his lost love, and the continued steadfastness of Alice against the temptation to use her three wishes.  Will she succeed?  I guess we’ll find out two weeks from now when the next episode airs, but this tale is worth the wait, so stick around!