Supernatural, S9 Ep03 – I’m No Angel

Supernatural, s9 ep03--Castiel trying to sleep on the bus

This episode had me screaming “MY BABIES” at men in their thirties and gently stroking the computer screen, so you know that it was good. In fact, it was good right up until the ending ripped my heart out and cha-cha-ed all over it.

For Castiel fans, this was a big episode because we finally got to see him deal with the nitty gritty of being human. He had to learn how to use toothpaste, and he hates having to urinate all the time. Man, I missed him. He also got a tattoo with angel warding to prevent the new League of Douchebag Angels from finding him. I like how the angels always use people like televangelists and those guys on the street proclaiming doom as their puppets. It says something deeper about how people twist and abuse Christianity for their own ends that I don’t think the writers of the show ever intended.


Cas is very confused by human mating rituals.

For Castiel fans this was also a big episode because he was shirtless (again) and got lucky. Now this is far from the first time his virginity has been mentioned—remember when Dean tried to get him laid before a suicide mission—but I don’t think Castiel was actually a virgin here. In season seven, he was married to a woman for several months back when he’d lost his memory—don’t you think they would have consummated their union, if you know what I mean? Did he forget all about that when he regained his memories and then took on Sam’s crazy? I don’t know if he did, but I think the writers certainly did. Probably because it was completely ridiculous and made no sense, much like the circumstances of Cas losing his “virginity” in this episode too. A homeless guy picking food out of the trash and who admitted to stabbing a guy? Yeah, sure I’ll take him home and sleep with him. Makes total sense. (Okay, maybe if the guy looked like Misha Collins, but still.) It was ridiculous, and the fact that she turned out to be a reaper using him to get information made it worse. No one can have a happy relationship in this show and all women die, often after turning out to be evil. This just adds another one to the list.

And what is with Cas and strange women taking him home after barely knowing him? I know he gives off cute puppy vibes, but why does no one in this show have any care for self-preservation?

Supernatural, s9 ep03--Sam's eye glowing as Zeke takes overBut the very important issue of Cas having sex aside, this was a big episode for Dean too. Zeke forced Dean to make a devastating decision: kick Cas out or Zeke leaves, and essentially kills, Sam. As always, Dean picked Sam, even though he’d just spent the entire episode looking for Cas, his best friend who just died in front of him and came back thanks to Sam’s angel pacemaker. I don’t really like Dean having to hide something from Sam again, so this annoyed me, but it also showed a new development in the story. Zeke is basically holding Sam hostage. And he doesn’t want Cas near him, supposedly because other angels would find him. But what if there’s more to that? Is he hiding from Cas? And why would the angels want to go after Zeke in the first place? We all know not to trust new characters in Supernatural, so everyone’s been on guard since Zeke was introduced. Is he finally showing his true colors? Or are his intentions innocent? Either way, making Dean kick Cas out of the bunker was heartless. I mean, come on, he was probably looking forward to slumber parties, playing Truth or Dare and braiding Sam’s hair (and maybe Spin the Bottle).

Supernatural, s9 ep03--Castiel in bed with April

See, a tattoo! Yes, that’s the only reason I’m showing you this picture…

I loved Misha’s acting in this. The moments of Castiel trying to figure out how to be human went from adorable to heart-wrenching. He just looked so confused by everything in the world. And, yes, from a purely shallow point of view I enjoyed all the shirtlessness. Plus, a tattoo! Will he get a demon warding one next to match the Winchesters?

I also have to applaud Jared’s acting. Switching back and forth between Zeke and Sam has got to be tricky, but he has done a great job of showing just through posture, mannerisms, and tone of voice the difference between these two characters. We don’t even really need the flashing blue eyes to tell us when Zeke pops out. Not to be outdone, Jensen’s performance during Cas’s death scene was beautiful. Interpret Cas and Dean’s relationship however you want, but you can’t deny that they love each other in some way. Dean rarely lets people into his heart, his family, and Cas is definitely someone he would die for. The absolute helplessness when he realized Cas was gone echoed his reaction to Sam’s death at the end of season two.

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