Castle S6 Ep5 – Time Will Tell

This was a really fun, tightly-written episode with great guest stars. Weeks like this are when I just plain love this show.

With his little tracking device thingy, it's like Morgan ended up an agent on "Fringe".

With his little tracking device thingy, it’s like Morgan ended up an agent on “Fringe.”

Our case begins with the murder and torture of a parole officer. It gets swiftly more outlandish from there. Morgan Grimes (aka Joshua Gomez) is found at the scene of the crime with blood on his hands – but he claims he’s from the future, sent back in time to stop the woman’s death. Castle, of course, loves this idea. Beckett has little patience for the man’s ravings.

Morgan, or Simon Doyle as he calls himself, claims that there’s still time for him to complete the mission for which he was sent back in time from 2035. He’s not sure of the specifics, though – only that if he doesn’t succeed, billions of people will die. Meanwhile the real murderer, a tremendously creepy guy named Ward, goes on to kill the parole officer’s stepbrother (played by Tim Russ, aka Tuvok!), all the while demanding to know where “the child” is. Only it turns out he’s asking about a student named “deSchile.” Doyle freaks out when he hears this, stating that deSchile is the guy who invents an energy shield that protects humanity from the future fascists in the great Energy War that’s on the way. Iiinteresting.

All this time, Castle is as usual more than halfway to believing Doyle’s crazy story – at very least admiring the commitment with which he tells the tale. Ryan and Espo are skeptical, like Beckett. However, we do learn the delightful tidbit that Espo has seen at least enough of Doctor Who to know what the sonic screwdriver is. Hee!

Oh, just give in and admit you're a geek & that there's nothing wrong with that, Espo.

Oh, just give in and admit you’re a geek & that there’s nothing wrong with that, Espo.

The show takes a leaf from X-Files’ book with its ending this week: although there is a rational explanation offered for Doyle’s wild tale, once deSchile is safe Doyle also vanishes without a trace, after sprinkling tantalizing hints about Castle & Beckett’s future together (he starts writing serious fiction, Beckett becomes a senator, and they have three kids together). Thus, we are left wondering if he really was a time traveler after all. Castle seems pretty solidly convinced, and even Beckett is shaken.

On the Pi front, unfortunately it looks like we’re stuck with him for a while longer: Alexis wants to move into an apartment near campus with him. Naturally, this plan does not go over well with her father. The episode ends rather poignantly with him telling Alexis’ retreating form that it’s “Too soon” for her to leave. Aw.

Other things: regarding Alexis, there’s a nice moment between Beckett and Castle where Beckett is obviously thinking about their family life once she and Rick tie the knot. Also, she seems not at all upset at the idea that she and Rick might have kids someday. Neither, I fancy, is a lot of the fandom.

Shoutout to Ryan’s plaid-ish blue and black suit. It was awesome/awful, but I gotta admit it made Seamus Dever’s eyes stand out, which is not a bad thing. Ryan makes some interesting fashion choices.

Lastly, on the guest-star front I can’t forget to mention the manager of the club, who knew Ward in prison: it’s Liam Fitzpatrick from Veronica Mars, aka Rodney Rowland. It can’t be a coincidence that the girl who worked for him was named Veronica, right?

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