Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, S1 Ep2 – Trust Me

Alice and Cyrus

This latest episode of OUATIW was entitled “Trust Me.”  Quite the fitting name, don’t you think?  Besides its obvious reference (Alice and Cyrus, or Cylice for the shippers), the title applies to many of the relationships and characters in the story thus far, like the bond between the Red Queen and Jafar, or lack thereof.  Sexy tension doesn’t count as a bond, guys.  Even the link between the Knave and Silvermist comes into play.  This review will examine “Trust Me” by way of relationships.

Cylice: shipping it.  How can you not?  They’re made for each other and the people who disagree with that fact are probably just very confused about love in general.  The chemistry between the two is undeniable.  And can we talk about flawless casting for a moment?  Last week’s review gushed over Sophie’s performance as Alice (still spectacular in this episode), but PETER GADIOT.  I have a great amount of faith in you, readers, so I’m going to share a bit of my vulnerable side for a spell… every time he is on screen, I’m almost certain that my face turns a light shade of pink.  They’ll spoil him somehow at some point, that’s for sure.  A character flaw will manifest in time and we hope our view of him will not be tarnished, but for now, Cyrus is the perfect romantic lead.  He even scribes the unsurprising “save yourself, love” message.  Predictable?  Yes, but who cares!  I don’t mind!

“Have you ever slain a dragon?” ~ Alice

“Once.  Can’t recommend it.” ~ Cyrus

Knave and AliceOf course, part of him has to know that Alice will not heed his desperate request for her to return to her own world.  We wouldn’t expect her to either because that’s not the kind of heroine she is.  Truly, nothing will stand in the way of Alice and Cyrus being together… except maybe the Knave.  Admittedly, he has me a little baffled.  At first, it sounds as if he’s trying to discourage her from pursuing Cyrus as wholeheartedly as she is.  All of my red flags went up.  His attraction to Alice would be understandable.  He admires her, and she seems to be the only person in his life who remotely believes in him.  Even with the troublemaker’s flighty nature, their friendship is based on mutual trust.

The Knave’s interaction with Silvermist is somewhat humorous, but also slightly sad.  His apology to the fairy later on appears to be sincere, which also leads you to believe that maybe his motivation for speaking with Alice about her fiery journey to true love has no selfish secrets contained within it.  It could simply be the need to protect her from harm driving his actions.  If that happens to be the case, said motivation says a lot about his character.  He’s not a man in it for a genie’s wish.  Whether this is a voyage to pay a debt, to defend a loved one, or to find the good within one’s heart, there’s a lot more to the Knave of Hearts than meets the eye.

Red QueenJafar and the Red Queen: this is a love-hate relationship if I ever saw one.  Well, mostly hate… yeah, definitely hate.  No trust when it comes to these unlikely companions.  Whose side are you on in the battle of the dastardly villains?  Red Queen has my vote.  Jafar drastically underestimated her, and she is no pawn in this game of chess.  She is the Queen and her cunning is not to be taken lightly.  Our Jafar had to learn this the hard way, and serves him right!  He’s been treating her like his own personal puppet.  I’m glad she got the lamp (and it feels weird to say that because for once I wanted a villain to succeed at something)!  Curiouser and curiouser…

This was another solid episode for OUATIW.  The anticipation for next week’s episode is killing me!  There are so many unanswered questions.  Does the White Rabbit have a wife?  Is that part of the reason why he must serve the Red Queen (besides the threat of death, obviously)?  Who is Anastasia, and why is she important to the Knave?  Alice, Jafar, and the Red Queen all hold essential pieces to the puzzle now: who will be victorious?  Let’s hope Alice gets a little bit closer to saving the day in next week’s installment!