Supernatural, S9 Ep02 – Devil May Care

Supernatural, s9 ep02--Dean talking on the phone next to Sam and a Sgt

A lot happened in this episode and I’m not even sure where to start. Changing things up after last episode’s host of angels, things take on a more devilish hue with the return of Abaddon, and the brothers have Crowley stuck in the Men of Letters’ dungeon.

Supernatural, s9 ep02--Abaddon hurting Dean

Abaddon wants Dean’s body. To possess. Right…

I am so glad Alaina Huffman is back as Abaddon. After she was torched in season eight’s finale, I mourned her loss because I didn’t know who else would be able to bring the character to life in quite the same way. But she’s back, thanks to some weird blood spell, and better than ever. That scene between her and Dean was especially good—and by good, I mean smoking hot. She’s got the charisma and chemistry to pull off the character. Watching her, you can believe she could be the Queen of Hell.

Anyway, enough fangirling, what I really look forward to now that she’s back is two things: 1.) more info on the Knights of Hell, and 2.) a fight for ruler of Hell. She really hates Crowley because he’s just a salesman and shouldn’t be in charge. I want to see a revolution or something in Hell, because ever since Lucifer was locked back in the cage, I was expecting some sort of power vacuum or fight between factions to materialize, but that never happened. Now maybe it will. Abaddon is definitely starting something, and I’m liking it. Supernatural has been lacking a strong villain we love to hate (Crowley is just a villain we love), but Abaddon might be able to finally shake things up and bring back the tradition of decent Big Bads.

Supernatural-s9-ep02-Kevin-facing-Crowley-in-the-boys-dungeonNot that I don’t love Crowley, of course. He’s great in an evil way. And in this episode we got to see just how insidious he can be when he started winding Kevin up. He even said that Kevin’s mom wasn’t dead, which is exactly what I was hoping for. But can we trust him? Probably not. He is one messed up guy; he’d rather be tortured than be alone with his thoughts, particularly his thoughts about how close to human he got at the church last season. Everyone on this show needs therapy, but you can’t really expect much else from demons. Still, how did the last trial affect him? How far from demon is he now? I can’t wait to see that explored later. And I want to see how things develop between him and Kevin.

Now speaking of Kevin, that poor boy has been through the wringer. His entire life has been flipped upside down, and now he has to deal with taunts from the demon who tortured him. He’s trapped in a terrifying life that he could never have imagined, and he thinks that Sam and Dean, pretty much the only friends he has in the world, are just using him. But he still soldiers on. He’s become part of a new family, a weird, crazy, dangerous family. He’s even taking on Bobby’s old role as researcher (I’m guessing that D.J. Qualls is unavailable to play Garth, aka the New Bobby). The scene where he had to act like an FBI supervisor was priceless. But still, that boy needs a vacation or something. They all do.

Supernatural, s9 ep02--Sam as Ezekiel showing his wings

Hiya, Zeke!

Then there’s Sam and Dean. Oh, boys. Sam still has his angel pacemaker, which Dean feels incredibly guilty about, but it saved Sam’s life. Zeke (I knew Dean was going to call him that) popped up to fight off three demons, showing that despite his broken wings he can still kick ass. But Sam is still in the dark about what’s inside him. Again. We had a reminder of the last time he’d let an angel inside when Tracy, the generic hunter chick, got mad at him for letting Lucifer free, which led to her family being killed. But Zeke’s a good guy, right? Please let him be a good guy.

Dean always has to feel guilty about something, doesn’t he? Sam said that he’s the happiest he been in a long time (really?), and Dean had to go and be depressed about that because he’s keeping secrets. Oh, and he stopped Hell being locked down, so every demonic problem is now on his head. Is Dean ever happy? Can he please be happy for like one episode? At least he apparently gets to watch movies sometimes, because he was shooting out pop culture references like nobody’s business. I especially liked the use of Stark and Banner as their fake FBI names. Stark and Banner, science bros! I’m guessing Sam was Banner, since he’s pretty Hulky, and Dean has the requisite snark and alcoholism to be Iron Man.

Supernatural, s9 ep02--Dean with popcorn and prune juice and Sam

See, Dean cares, he got Kevin popcorn and prune juice for his “backup” problem.

The acting was great in this episode, and I loved the charged scenes with Kevin and Crowley. But I’ve got to say that I didn’t care about the random hunters who were used as bait. I’m glad they didn’t kill off a fan favorite, and they are running low on recurring characters that are still alive, but random dude and random gal were just blanks to me. (And did she really have to be dressed like that? All the guys are in a million layers and she’s in cutoffs up to her butt.) They were just devices for a cliché plot. Otherwise, this was a good episode. The character moments were beautiful—Kevin crying and Dean being oddly in touch with his feelings despite earlier admitting how he doesn’t handle “love” stuff well were my favorites—and the dialogue was snappy and spot on (stabbing followed by ice cream and strippers, that certainly sounds like a Winchester party). Abaddon’s plan to capture Sam and Dean was so-so, but it set up future confrontations and what is hopefully going to be a good Hell-based plotline for future episodes.

Next week, we return to Castiel’s journey as a human. And it looks like he’s made a new friend…

Supernatural, s9 ep03--Cas and a redhaired lady making out