Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1 Ep04 – Eye Spy


I’m still not super impressed with this show, but I’m settling into it. It’s a fun bit of action and adventure, but my love for the characters is coming along too slowly. What’s keeping me going right now is Coulson being awesome, the mystery of why he’s alive, and the scenes featuring May, Fitz, and Simmons. Skye and Ward I’m still not a fan of, even though I’m warming up to Skye a little, and in this episode Ward was marginally less dull. I wish the show were just about Coulson and his crazy adventures as an agent, but I’m still tuning in.

Agents of SHIELD s1 ep04--Guys wearing red masks walking through the street

Is this normal in Stockholm?

There was a definite theme this episode, one of finding a quiet place of your own. May said she liked flying because of the solitude (a big hint to Coulson for him to leave the cockpit). Skye hung out in the SUV for some “me time.” And Amador said she missed the peace of her cage in comparison to what she was forced to do by her mysterious captors. We all need a place to get away from it all and relax, and secret agents probably need one doubly so. Coulson had his own place of rest and relaxation in “Tahiti,” wherever or whatever that really was, but he seems to be more comfortable in the field. I think too much quiet is not his cup of tea. So he and his former protégé Amador might not be similar in that respect, but her reaction to Coulson in this episode may point to a different sort of similarity between the two.

Amador commented to Melinda May that Coulson was different, and May responded that he had “nearly” died in the battle of New York. Amador demanded to know what they did to him. May was confused, but Amador was adamant. What did they do to Coulson? Do to him, like someone did something to Amador by putting a camera in her eye? She had seen Coulson with her eye’s backscatter ability, so did she see something different inside him? Her comments were obviously meant to continue the Great Coulson Mystery, but did she actually see something or did she just notice he was acting differently? Trying to figure out just what the deal is with him is one of my favorite parts of the show, but it also drives me crazy. Is he a robot? A clone? A cyborg? What?


Mom and Dad are fighting

Something else that I liked this episode: I’m really glad Melinda May got something to do. I like how she and Coulson are being set up as the Mom and Dad of the team (if only I cared more about their children). She seems more by-the-book than Coulson, so there’s an element of tension between them that makes their scenes fun to watch. I wish she had more of a role, but it looks like the writers are trying to give all the characters some pivotal part to play in each episode. Fitz and Simmons, my favorites of the kids, had to perform surgery on Amador to pull out her eye. And then Skye and Ward had to do some espionage by pretending to be Amador.

There were a few cute scenes with Skye and Ward. Ward is still about as interesting as competitive paint drying, but he showed a hint of humanity here, like being ticklish. And when he was scared of the order to seduce that guard, I did laugh, though I like to think his reaction had more to do with his lack of social skills than “oh noes, a dude!” Then again, after being in slash fandom for a decade, maybe I’m just so blasé about guys making out that I’ve lost my sense of humor for such things. Still, I think a secret agent should be ready for anything, like how James Bond didn’t flinch in Skyfall when Silva started hitting on him. I like to think Ward’s problem was more “oh noes, human interaction!” which is something I can relate to. It also fits in with him being a poop with knives sticking out—or a porcupine, depending on your interpretation.

My favorite part, though, was probably the scenes between Coulson and Amador. They both brought their A-game in terms of acting, and we got to see into Coulson’s past a bit via Amador. Have I mentioned Coulson is my favorite part of the show? Because he is. And I’m glad this episode touched on his past, however slightly. I think each episode is improving, but nothing has quite wowed me as much as the pilot did. However, I think it’ll get better, so I’m sticking around.

Agents of SHIELD s1 ep04--Ward in glassesRandom things of note:

  • Ward nicknamed the van the “Short Bus.” Ward, I don’t think that means what you think it means.
  • A show finally pointed out the problem with pee breaks in secret surveillance situations.
  • “Stupid tall person”—I fell ya, Skye, I feel ya.
  • Everyone being grossed out over the eye stuff. Ewwww.
  • Ward with glasses was actually pretty hot. He’s got a Clark Kent look to him.
  • I like them using the backscatter glasses to cheat at cards. Though Skye using them to check out Ward was a little creepy…but who here wouldn’t check out someone like that if you had the chance?
  • The mysterious organization that kidnapped Amador is still out there, hopefully ready to pop up again in a later episode.
  • Fitz’s determination to call something the Night Night gun/pistol.

Next week, things heat up when Ruth Negga guest stars and Skye gets found out…