Castle S6 Ep4 – Number One Fan

Once again, this show takes what could have been a plain, cliched situation and adds just a little bit more to it.

In this episode, a jobless, restless Beckett gets a taste of what Castle’s mornings are usually like: lazing around in bed until the phone rings. She might be okay with that, except for the parade of Pi, Martha, and Alexis that interrupts their time together. (Say it with me: ugh, go away already, Pi.) But then Captain Gates calls and informs them that a murder suspect, an unstable woman named Emily, has taken several hostages inside a dentist’s office and is demanding to speak to Richard Castle.

Hey, look - it's Lanie! Remember her?

Hey, look – it’s Lanie! Remember her?

It turns out the woman is a fan (of course), but she also knows that Castle is good at solving crimes. So she wants him to prove her innocence. When Rick offers to come inside to talk to her in person in exchange for her releasing some of the hostages, she accepts – and Beckett starts to worry. Thankfully, although a hiring freeze means the precinct has been unable to rehire her, Captain Gates lets her work on the case anyway. I don’t know how believable that is, but yay, Gates!

Ryan, Espo, Beckett, and Sully the new detective from last week discover that Emily was given up for adoption when she was born. Her boyfriend stole her sealed adoption records to present to her for her birthday. This led to her rich biological father’s son-in-law killing him and framing Emily, in order to keep Emily from taking any of the family’s money.

Although a member of the cast being in a hostage situation is not a new idea (in fact, it’s been used on this very show before), I like the way the writers tweaked that idea. Not only does the hostage-taker allow Castle to come and go numerous times, but also even though she’s clearly mentally unwell, it never gets over-the-top. Also, the idiotic hostage who ruins everything doesn’t actually ruin everything, which I appreciate. But he did deserve to be the one who got shot, unlike poor Castle. Glad he was wearing his WRITER vest, indeed. (Little side note: hee! to Castle noting that the bullet dotted the ‘I’ in “writer”!)



As soon as we found out that Emily’s father was actually a good guy and that he was friends with the police commissioner, I guessed that it would be him who got Beckett rehired again. And so it was! Hooray for the return of Detective Beckett! Not a surprise that she’s back on the force, since everyone knows that’s where she belongs.

I also enjoyed the evidence we got this week of how much both Kate and Rick have matured over the years. Thinking back (as Castle did) to when we first saw Castle’s bulletproof vest, it’s clear he’s grown. He was appropriately anxious about dealing with the hostage-taker, but he was smart about the whole situation (without having lost his innate Castle silliness). And Beckett trusts him and didn’t freak out about his going in to negotiate as much as she might once have, because she knows how he has grown. To me, that speaks well for how the show will continue to develop.