Supernatural, S9 Ep01 – I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here


It’s back! Supernatural returns for its ninth season! And it’s starting off with a bang!

This is how I like my premieres: full of action, angst, and Misha Collins shirtless. After the events of last season, we pick up almost right where we left off. Cas is human, Sam is dying, and Crowley is at Dean’s mercy. Now, the King of Hell might be out of commission, but every angel except Metatron was expelled from heaven, and they’re possessing vessels to track down Cas and exact revenge.

Supernatural, s9 ep01--Castiel in his boxers doing laundry

It took five seasons, but they finally did it. This is a victory for all of us.

Cas is alone, newly human, and being hunted by his own kind. Dean told him to find his way to the Men of Letters bunker, but Cas has to deal with not just the angelic threat but with something more mundane: hunger and thirst. In possibly the greatest scene ever, Castiel had to choose between using his handful of coins to wash his trademark suit and coat or to grab something to drink. Naturally, he was in his underwear at the time. When he chose water, you could hear fans everywhere mourning his trench coat. But at least we know he’s not completely useless as a human. He managed to defeat the creepy angel Hael who wanted to possess him—which brings up the question of what’s happened to Jimmy Novak now that Cas has assumed his body after falling from grace (please tell me that poor dude is not still in there). He’s taking this turn to human far better than he did the last time.

I am so psyched to see human-Castiel, but I’m also worried about his planned love interest. She hasn’t been introduced yet, but the writers on this show are not known for writing romance well, and their female characters tend to meet sad ends after botched development and bland personalities. There have been a few really awesome female characters, but usually they weren’t planned as love interests (Charlie, Jody Mills, Ellen, Naomi) and/or they had their story arcs conclude in horrible ways (Jo, also Ellen and Naomi, Lisa, pretty much every other woman on this show). I want to see Cas have to deal with the nitty gritty of being human, but I’m wary of what the writers are capable of.

Sam and Dean are entering new territory this season, too, by having Dean keeping a secret from Sam. Because that’s never happened on this show before, ever.

Yeah, no, I’m totally lying. Here’s a list of notable instances where either Sam or Dean kept secrets from each other:

  • Season 2: Dean keeps secret what his dad told him about Sam possibly turning evil.
  • Season 4: Sam keeps secret from Dean his addiction to demon blood and Dean wouldn’t tell Sam about remembering his time in hell.
  • Season 6: Sam keeps secret the fact he has no soul and what he’d been doing with Grandpa Campbell. BONUS POINTS: Cas gets in on the act by keeping secret his alliance with Crowley.
  • Season 8: Dean keeps secret what happened down in purgatory. Sam keeps secret his relationship with Amelia.


    Shut up, Ezekiel, and get inside Sam.

Did I forget something? Probably, because it happens all the freaking time. I know, I know, they need to add some conflict to the core relationship of the show, but can’t they figure out a new way to do it? I’m just glad they haven’t tried a love triangle story line for these two. Though if the person they’re fighting over is Cas…

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