First Trailer for Syfy’s New Werewolf Series Bitten

bitten_posterThe good news about Syfy’s upcoming supernatural series Bitten? It features a female werewolf, played by Laura Vandervoort, in the lead. The wolf effects look good. And it’s about grownups, not teenagers (based on the Women of the Otherworld novels by Kelley Armstrong). The first trailer packs in as much action and storyline into a minute and a half as possible, but it’s hard to tell just yet if this 13-episode Canadian-produced series, premiering in early ’14, will hold its own among the many other werewolf offerings on TV.  Still, the genre can always use more werewolf women, so we’ll be giving this the Big Blonde Wolf a chance.

Bitten also stars Greg Bryks, Greyston Holt, and Paul Greene.


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