Glee S5 E2 – “Tina in the Sky with Diamonds”

Back at the Diner of Dreams, Kurt has joined the crew because doesn’t pay (what?), he’s starting a Madonna cover band (huh?) or maybe he just looks cute in red and black and it’s easier for talking to Rachel and Santana (probably). Rachel is sure she’s not getting the Fanny part but whatever okay? Kurt’s getting married, Santana has a girlfriend (that didn’t take long) and Rachel? Rachel is damn special and she doesn’t need some part to tell her that. She knows it.

You go, Rachel.

Sidebar: This New York Rachel needs to stay around forever and ever. Or at least for the next two years. She’s fabulous.

The three friends pinky swear they’ll stay in New York for at least two years and no matter what, try to make it in this crazy town. This works for two reasons. One, the show is renewed for two years so convenient, and second, now we can start a pool to see who breaks the pact first!

Oh look, the theater guy is back and at her station. He wants Rachel to bring him a cake. A whole cake. And write “Rachel Berry is Fanny Brice” on top! Rachel freaks out, joyfully running around the diner and hugging her shocked friends. Congratulations Rachel! We never doubted you.

Back at the loft, the three friends and Dani pop open a bottle of champagne. In Ohio, the kids gather on stage to sing us out of another episode, in pretty pastels with a hippie vibe. Peace, love and happiness folks. “Let It Be” takes us out, as the cast says good-bye to the Beatles and the next chapter in their lives!

More crossover music between Ohio and New York please! It connects them so nicely and the blend of voices is fabulous.

Okay, we made it through the Beatles and learned lessons about life on the way. New Directions is a love fest, Kurt and Blaine are getting hitched, Rachel is Broadway bound and Santana, Sam, Artie and Kitty have all found some romance. Also Sue and Bree are out to ruin everyone’s fun but that’s okay – I have a feeling the good guys are going to be okay.

This episode of Glee had some filler in it, but really it was a vehicle to start-up the next season of stories. We’ve settled a few matters and now it’s time to gear up for the end of the school year and the beginning of some new threads. Next week will take a serious pause as the show says good-bye to the late Cory Monteith and his character, Finn, and then does a quick hiatus before returning with a long run of episodes. It’s been a whirlwind and we’re only two episodes in! This season might require a seatbelt.

Tere’s Episode Round-up:

What made me laugh: Santana’s flustered panic over Dani and Kitty’s deadpan, “Oh right, the habitual lying”. Funny women of Glee!

What made me sniffle: Tina’s heartbreak at Prom then New Directions cleaning her up and singing her out to triumph? The lump in my throat was huge. And then it got bigger imaging graduation down the road…

What made me side-eye: Biphobia? Really?

What I’m listening to on repeat: “Hey Jude” was stunning.

What I’m looking forward to next week: Nothing. It’s going to be sixty minutes of tears and sadness.

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