Glee S5 E2 – “Tina in the Sky with Diamonds”

Sam really likes Nurse Penny. So much so that he’s inventing things to go see her for. Like the way he bit his arm and is pretending it’s a snake bite… Blaine and Artie call him on his silliness. She’s going to chaperone prom – maybe he can ask her to dance? No, no. Sam likes her so he has to stay away from her because his personality is like a radioactive asteroid. Which is bad. Blaine disagrees – he didn’t spend half of last year crushing on Sam because he’s fatal! He has his impressions and also…his impressions!

Nervous Sam then launches into a Denzel Washington monologue. Well, if that doesn’t win the girl, she was just unwinnable in the first place.

Blaine and Artie urge their bro to take a chance with Penny – charge forth fearlessly. He might get hurt but sometimes its worth it. Sometimes the person is worth is.

To a Sam serenade of “Something”, we see him fantasy wooing Nurse Penny – and serving has her Heimlich dummy. The boys of McKinley all think the new nurse is adorable and join Sam in their moon-eyed worship. There’s even a wind machine! So sweet. On board with this little romance and Sam getting someone to like him back without strings!

Sam drops trou to save Penny's job. That's some heroic stuff right there.

Sam drops trou to save Penny’s job. That’s some heroic stuff right there.

Sam arrives in Nurse Penny’s office to find her packing up. Sue’s fired her for being incompetent which seems ironic given the school’s roster of employees. Not willing to let this girl slip through his fingers, Sam decides they will both face their fears (her: injecting, him: being injected) and prove to Sue she can do the job. He drops trou and apparently his White Chocolate bod gives her the courage she needs and Nurse Penny gives her first successful vaccination. Awww, love.

Racing to Sue’s office, Sam insists that Penny’s job be saved. Sue is distracted by his mouth but swayed – it’s nice to have a perky distracted plaything in the office. Plus Penny accidentally gave her steroids, which means Sue doesn’t have to buy from Mark McGwire anymore. Congratulations Penny, welcome to McKinley. May God have mercy on your soul.

Dottie is campaigning in the hallways, with the slogan of “Don’t be racist, vote for Tina Cohen-Chang”. Well, that’s subtle. Bree and her phalanx of Cheerios confront Dottie in the hallway. There’s a little sugar and then a whole lotta “you should join us in doing something terrible or we’ll do something terrible to you” negotiating which resolves in Dottie agreeing to do something terrible to Tina. These girls are a red and white menace! Gay Blaine would have never let this happen nor would Adult Baby Robin (is Becky’s suspension almost over?).



Rachel plays Yenta Lesbian Matchmaker and leaves Santana and Dani to close up the diner. What a good friend!

All good Glee love stories start with a song – Dani and Santana harmonize sweetly on “Here Comes the Sun” as they close up and head out onto the streets of New York at sunrise. They sound lovely together, and there’s clearly a chemistry that goes beyond just flirting. Santana walks Dani to her door and Dani seals the deal with a little kiss. Oh yes, this happening.

Sidebar: The set up is nice but one wonders how it’ll play out, knowing Demi is a guest star and hasn’t indicated she’s joining the cast full-time. I guess we can just enjoy it while it lasts.

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