Castle S6 Ep2 – Dreamworld

Well, despite the fact that there was exactly zero tension as to whether or not Castle was going to survive, that was a very solid episode.

As soon as I saw how pretty this dude was, earlier in the ep, I wondered if he was going to be evil.

As soon as I saw how pretty the reporter guy was, earlier in the ep, I wondered if he was going to be evil.

This week is all about the hunt for the antidote for the toxin to which Castle has been exposed. After Castle tells Beckett what Esposito told him about the secret Dreamworld military base, she, McCord, and their boss agree to let Castle help with the investigation, as long as he doesn’t leave the building. Meanwhile, their special government doctor can give him regular injections to stave off the worst of the effects of the toxin – for a few hours.

It ends up that the toxin was stolen by an ex-military guy whose fiancee was killed in the airstrike that took out al-Qaida’s number two operative. In revenge, he wants to use the toxin on the Secretary of Defense’s wife. But our heroines track him down at the Defense Secretary’s house just in time, with the help of clues that Castle brainstormed right before he collapses. Then we get a sweet hospital bed wake-up scene, with Castle’s whole family and Beckett – and Pi, too, for some reason. (Mercifully he’s only around for a few seconds. But he’s very annoying.) I couldn’t help being reminded just a bit of Mal waking up at the end of “Out of Gas,” with all his family around him.

Some favorite moments: My sister and I laughed when we realized what McCord’s expression reminded us of when she reluctantly agrees to allow Peter James Smith’s technician character to hack into his old military job: she was Cuddy again, reluctantly allowing House and his team to break some inconvenient ethical codes in order to save a patient. Heh. Also relating to Lisa Edelstein, we enjoyed the young Afghani-American suspect telling McCord, “You have a gift for making every fact sound sinister.”

Too bad we didn’t have more time for Ryan & Espo this week. I’m betting we’ll see more of them soon, since Beckett clearly has some doubts about her job in DC…

And of course, a "Wizard of Oz" reference from Castle.

Of course, Castle quotes a “Wizard of Oz” line.

Both Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion did an excellent job of portrayal their duo’s grief and fear at the prospect of Castle’s imminent death, without going over the top at all. Included in this is Castle’s clear desire to tell his mother and daughter he loves them without freaking them out. Plus, while I initially cringed at Beckett charging off to accuse the Defense Secretary at his house, of course she had a plan behind it. Well done, Beckett. Also, I wouldn’t mind if we did hear about a dashing Colombian-American federal agent appearing in one of Castle’s future books, like the boss suggested.

I’m glad the show is not going the route of having Rick & Kate fight about her new job. It seems to me like they’re going to resolve the inconveniences of the distance between NYC and DC another way: by having Beckett decide she’s not a good fit with the ‘gray areas’ of this current job.