Revolution S2 E1 – “Born in the U.S.A.”

Aaron tries to sell Rachel on his firefly energy ideas but she isn’t interested. He wants to also discuss the weirdness between them but no time, Miles has shown up with a dead person and news of an impending attack by a local war clan. The town’s sheriff runs off to get help, while Miles gets the feeling that this sort of thing follows him around.


Things get intense as Cynthia is attacked and Aaron goes to save her. Unfortunately the bandit gets the upper hand and slices through Aaron’s chest with a machete. Holy smokes and oh no! Rachel and Dr. Porter try to save him but he’s lost too much blood and dies. Nooooo!

Outside, Miles and the sheriff beat off as many marauders as they can but are captured and brought to the clan’s leader, Titus Andover, who apparently went to the Sebastian Monroe School for Crazy Dudes in Charge. Uh oh. Miles, I think we can see that this sort of thing does, indeed, follow you around.

New baddie alert!

New baddie alert!

Dr. Porter, Rachel and Cynthia mourn Aaron. Suddenly that swarm of fireflies reappear, surprising Cynthia. There’s something hypnotic about them… At that moment, Aaron opens his eyes and gasps. And so does the audience – Aaron is alive?!?!

And so ends our first episode of the season! There’s a lot going on here, and some of it is clearly a set up for the rest of the season and some of it is really confusing. I sense the shifting from a straight sci-fic show to something a little more supernatural, like the X-Files did during its long run. Some things can be explained through science – and some things cannot.

There also seems to be a little character rebooting. Sebastian Monroe has notched down a bit as a crazed dictator to be feared and one suspects some softening of his character – and potentially him doing something redemptive. I’m not sure I like that and it’s going to take some convincing to make it believable. The new baddie seems to be a tie between War Lord Titus and the mysterious President. With the camps divided to take each of them on, there will be a connection sooner or later.

Charlie’s single-minded mission to kill Monroe feels a little far-fetched. Not to mention the hooking up thing! The new “cold and calculating” Charlie doesn’t work as well without Miles, Rachel and company around to challenge her. Let’s hope they’re reunited soon.

Rachel and Miles are so going to hook up.

This wasn’t as powerful an opener as I had hoped, despite the shocking Aaron death/resurrection. There’s an expected period of getting your feet steady but I’m hoping it doesn’t take too long.

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