Trailer & Clips from Series Finale of ‘The IT Crowd’

It’s almost over guys.  After four series of laughs – the kind that have you rolling on the floor – it’s time for The IT Crowd to make it final bow.

It’s a bittersweet goodbye. One of those you have to be happy you got because it’s better than nothing, but also sad because it really does mean it’s officially over. And we aren’t sure we’re quite ready to say goodbye to this trio.

The synopsis:

The reputations of Roy, Jen and that of Reynholm Industries are at risk when an incident involving spilt coffee and a homeless person ends up on the internet (they’ve gone viral!), while Moss learns the secret of success from Douglas.

And a trailer:

And a series of clips courtesy of Channel 4 (these three are only available for those in the UK) and Radio Times.

Get ready to say goodbye to the IT Department of Reynholm Industries as The IT Crowd airs its final episode on Channel 4 in the UK this Friday, 27th, September.