Supernatural Casts Love Interest for Castiel

Shannon LucioLove is in the air this upcoming season on Supernatural. Castiel became human at the end of last season and the writers of Supernatural, as well as Misha Collins himself, have teased about him getting to explore the human experience, including, according to Collins, “eating, defecating, and fornicating.” Well, it looks like we know who he’ll be doing the last one with (and we really hope never to actually see the second one).

Shannon Lucio (The OC) will appear in episode 3 of the upcoming ninth season, and she’s the lucky girl who gets to play Castiel’s new love interest. Those are all the details we have so far, but considering how the love interests on the show never seem to meet with happy endings, you can probably expect something to go wrong for this romance.

Supernatural will premiere its ninth season on Tuesday, October 8 at 9pm on the CW. What do you think? Looking forward to seeing Cas get some action? Hoping that Lucio’s character will be well-rounded and not exist merely as a plot point? Sound off in the comments!