Castle S6 Ep1- Valkyrie

It’s finally back, after a very long-seeming hiatus!

Well chosen, Castle.

“Then yes, Richard Edgar Alexander Rogers Castle, I will marry you.”

Previously on Castle: Rick proposed to Kate. And thank heaven, we pick up exactly where we left off, with Beckett’s reaction. It’s a pretty adorable scene. Of course she says yes, in a sweet, awkward, loving, funny exchange that makes me so happy that I almost want to stop after it’s over. Because obviously things can’t continue to be quite that easy for them, since she’s also accepting the DC job with the Attorney General’s office.

Two months later, Beckett’s in training, with a new partner played by the talented Lisa Edelstein. Rachel McCord seems to like Beckett well enough, but she’s not uncritical of her new partner at times. She also warns Beckett when Castle comes to visit that having Castle around could be dangerous for national security. And surprise! It is.

See, Castle can’t resist poking his nose into Beckett’s classified case, after a photo drops out of the file at Beckett’s apartment in DC. As a result, when the suspect sees him at the scene with McCord and Beckett, Castle ends up getting abducted at gunpoint, then arrested by Beckett’s team. And then the suspect dies, practically on top of Castle. But thankfully Beckett’s new boss (played by “Hey! It’s that guy!” Yancey Arias) doesn’t think Castle is guilty of anything but interfering where he shouldn’t be. And he doesn’t fire Beckett.

So after Castle is sent packing back to NYC, Beckett & McCord figure out that the dead suspect was set up, while someone else broke into a classified section of the building to steal an extremely potent chemical weapon. That’s what killed the first suspect. Oh, and guess what? Castle was exposed to the toxin when he got into the guy’s car. He has enough in his blood to kill him in less than a day. Dun dun DUN! (Except this show is named after him, and it’s just the season premiere, and he just got engaged to Beckett, so … I have this crazy idea he’s going to be fine.)

Beckett's had a lot of practice delivering bad news - but perhaps this is the worst?

Beckett’s had a lot of practice delivering bad news – but perhaps this is the worst?

Other notes: nice to have a mini West Wing reunion with both Lisa “Laurie the Call Girl” Edelstein, and Peter James “Ed or Larry” Smith, guest-starring on the show. I know Edelstein’s character will be around a while longer, but I hope Smith’s technician character will, as well.

Alexis’s new boyfriend seems irritating so far. But her boyfriends never seem to last very long on the show, so we’ll see how it goes. Also, I’m not sure I knew ‘fruitatarian’ was a thing, but I guess sure, why not.

Glad we got some time with Ryan and Espo this week, though it was short. Ryan will be a great dad, I’m sure. And of course Espo knows everything about everything related to the military, so that’s useful for this mysterious “dream world” ghost base/Valkyrie thing.

So, our show’s back, and it was a good season premiere! Tune in next week to watch Castle probably not die from a chemical toxin.