Supernatural Season 9 Promo Poster

Finally! We have the first official promotional poster for Supernatural’s ninth season. As always, it’s good to see the boys back in action, but this time they’ll be facing a strange new world thanks to a major event that occurred at the end of last season: the angels’ fall from heaven. Judging by the poster, that’ll be a big plot point in the episodes to come. Take a look:

Supernatural season 9 promo posterPrepare for the fall, it says. I see what they did there.

But Sam and Dean won’t be the only ones facing trouble with the fallen angels–Castiel and Crowley both went through forced changes that have made them human, or almost human in Crowley’s case. With Heaven’s warriors now stuck on Earth and the king of Hell out of sorts, it’s going to be chaos.

Supernatural will return on Tuesday, October 8, at 9pm on the CW. Like the poster? Think it needs more Blue Steel? Let us know in the comments below!