Are You Ready to Get Your Glee On?

Season 5 of Glee is knocking on the door (Thursday, September 26, 9ET!) so we wanted to refresh your memory – we have to be ready for the rush of Love, Love, Love, on our way!

When last we left our beloved McKinleyites (Lima and NYC versions), we were wrapping up the exciting Regionals competition, where New Directions trounced the competition and won. So the Glee kids are Nationals bound! With the extended school year, looks like we’ll be spending some time in season 5 gearing up for the big Los Angeles event.

There was some harmony interruptus before Regionals however – Ryder (Blake Jenner) discovered his mystery lady friend was none other than Unique (Alex Newell)! He was furious about the revelation, feeling betrayed and hurt by her lies. He even quits New Directions – but decides to join his friends for one last performance. But once that’s done, he’s leaving the group permanently. Uh oh… What will happen to Ryder’s musical future – and his friendships?

Unique needs her bestie to resolve the problem with Ryder!

Unique needs her bestie to resolve the problem with Ryder!

Cheering on the kids were some old favorites – Mercedes (Amber Riley) and Mike (Harry Shum, Jr.) coached the kids, while Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Santana (Naya Rivera) were there for matters of the heart. Kurt came back to get the fabulous news that his dad, Burt (Mike O’Malley) was free and clear of cancer! Woo! Glad to hear the “Best Dad Ever” is well again. Kurt also spent his time back in Ohio with ex-boyfriend Blaine (Darren Criss), and was quite possibly looking forward to some “rekindling”  – and not just the naked kind.

Santana, meantime, had her hands full with a rampaging Brittany (Heather Morris). After Brittany broke up with him and began acting strangely, Sam (Chord Overstreet) called Santana to come help. What was wrong with her ex? Seems that the folks at MIT discovered the unique and magical Britt is actually a genius and they offered her a chance to graduate early and come to study at their prestigious school. With some encouragement from her former girlfriend, Brittany accepted her exciting future and walked off into the sunset after helping ND win. Bye Brittany! We’ll miss your special way of seeing the world, your magical twirls and your fabulous dancing! (Plus congrats to Heather Morris – Britt’s early departure is due to the impending birth of her first baby!)

I Do! Finally!

I Do! Finally!

New Directions didn’t just celebrate a win in the finale of season 4 – they also witnessed the choir room wedding of Mr. Schue (Matt Morrison) and Ms. Pillsbury (Jayma Mays). After a long courtship, several false starts and one train wreck of a not-wedding, “Wemma” finally tied the knot in front of the students…which led us to the cliffhanger-y final moment.

Yes, that’s Blaine Anderson with a little black velvet box behind his back!

Seems that things like them currently not dating isn’t enough to deter Blaine from deciding to propose to Kurt! He asks Burt for his permission (Burt isn’t convinced – they may be meant for each other but they’re too young), he picks Sam as his best man (also concerned about the age factor!) and goes ring shopping – where he finally finds an ally. Jan (Patty Duke), the shop owner, happily listens to Blaine’s plans, helps him find a ring and even invites he and Kurt to dine with she and her long-time partner, Liz (Meredith Baxter). When the ladies get engaged during dinner, it’s clearly a sign for Blaine. He’s going to pop the question!

Will Rachel trade school for Broadway?

Will Rachel trade school for Broadway?


Meanwhile, back in NY, Rachel (Lea Michele) auditioned a second time for the role she was born to play – Fanny in “Funny Girl”! After an emotional performance, Rachel is left waiting to hear if she moves onto the next step. Will she be plucked out of studenthood and thrust into the Broadway spotlight? Only time – and the new season – will tell!


Did we mention Sue (Jane Lynch) got fired for taking responsibility for the gun going off, in order to protect Becky (Lauren Potter)? And Kitty (Becca Tobin) and Artie (Kevin McHale) seem to be making some affectionate connections? And Artie’s going to film school in NY? And Santana might want to be a dancer now?


So, when Glee returns in a few days, we should find out some answers to our questions:

1.  Will Rachel be the new Fanny Brice in “Funny Girl” on Broadway?

2. Will Blaine propose to Kurt? (And what will his answer be?!)

Kurt, you have NO idea!

Kurt, you have NO idea!

3. Are Artie and Kitty destined to be more than friends?

4. Same question for Ryder and Unique! Will he forgive her? Will he come back to ND permanently?

5. Is Coach Sue gone from McKinley forever?

What do you think is going to happen?!

Tomorrow, we’ll chat about the CD release of “Glee Sings the Beatles” – covering the classic tunes featured in the first two eps of the season.