The Newsroom S2 Ep9 – Election Night, Part II

Well, that was seriously awesome. It wrapped things up well without being overly cheesy or too pat – the kind of funny, clever, and optimistic stuff that Sorkin does best when he’s on form.

They're family, and family sticks together.

They’re family now, and family sticks together.

My certainty that this would be a satisfyingly Sorkinesque finale began once it became clear that the whole rest of the senior staff had resolved to quit if Charlie, Will, and Mack went. Jeff Daniels really sold how touched Will was when they refused to listen to his command to stay. And I continue to really enjoy his interactions with Sloan. She’s his conscience when no one else can be.

And speaking of Will’s interactions with people, I really, really hope Taylor sticks around next season (it’s not only Jeff Daniels who’s convinced we get another season, right?). She’s cool and funny and they could really benefit from another Republican character on the show.

Leona needs to be on the show all the time. I’d be fine with her being high a lot, too – I about died when she leaned forward to Charlie, conspiratorially asking, “You wanna split a pizza?” Ha! Even Reese, again, was enjoyable to watch. I do enjoy how Sorkin won’t write villains that stay totally villainous. Last season I wanted to strangle Reese, but this season he’s a full-on member of the Team.

The ‘reveal’ that it was Don who bought Sloan’s book was obvious, but not less satisfying because of that fact. Especially because of her reaction – I didn’t see that kiss coming, and it was wonderful. Plus, it led nicely up to that last shot: instead of worrying anymore that she was being cut out of the broadcast, she was just gazing at Don, and he was just gazing back.

Moving on to another relationship story. I wasn’t particularly thrilled to see Lisa again. However, it worked out better than I feared. Jim needed to apologize, and Lisa needed to hear both the apology and that Maggie needs a friend. Still, I wouldn’t mind if Lisa’s appearances in future were as Maggie’s friend, rather than any kind of romantic rival for anyone. I don’t know where they’re going with Jim/Maggie/Hallie, but at least this is a good point for them all to be. But please, now that they’ve reached this nice point, let’s have the next step be Maggie not being quite so hysterical, okay?

And neither of them screamed like a lunatic, which was a bonus.

And neither of them screamed like a lunatic, which was a bonus.

As for Will and Mack – I will admit that I was a shipper from episode one, so perhaps I’m biased, but this week’s developments were perfection. That first conversation, in the make-up room, was necessary in order for them both to grow up a bit. Will had the chance to confess about the ring, and Mack was able to formulate her side of the story (and work around to forgiving Will for deliberately hurting her).

I was starting to squeal like a little girl once I saw where Will’s train of thought was going when Charlie told Will they couldn’t resign, after all. Kudos to Sorkin for coming up with a very believable way for Will to finally realize that he doesn’t want to keep blaming Mack. The proposal was adorably awkward, the kiss was hot, and the announcement to the group was great. The character of Mack has been better-written this season, and I’m looking forward to a more Abbey/Jed Bartlet-type relationship between the two of them next year, as opposed to any kind of Dana/Casey shenanigans. “Let my love open the door,” indeed.