Grant Gustin lands the coveted role of The Flash on ‘Arrow’

Speculation has been rife for months since Arrow producers announced that the super-power free world Starling City would be introducing a very real super powered hero to its midst, in the form of one Barry Allen, aka The Flash. With a three-episode commitment (episodes 8,9, and 20 of the upcoming second series), and the potential for the character to be spun off into a new series, it’s a role many actors would covet. Who doesn’t want to play a superhero, right?

Arrow - Grant GustinWell a decision has finally been made, and relatively unknown actor Grant Gustin (Glee, 90210) has landed the job. In a statement to the Hollywood Reporter, Gustin shared his jubilation. ““I’m unbelievably excited. I’ve been a lifelong fan of DC Comics, so I can’t be more honored and can’t wait to get started.”

With a lot of weight put onto these episodes because of the potential for a new series, Arrow co-creators Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and DC Entertainment’s Geoff Johns will be responsible for the writing tasks for the three Flash-centric episodes, and Director David Nutter will helm them, and is to help develop the potential spin-off.

Barry Allen’s story will stick to the CW’s DC Superhero theme as an origin story of the character, ala Smallville and Arrow itself. “When we first meet Barry Allen, he’s just a forensic scientist … an ordinary man,” says Kreisberg, adding that the character will be as grounded in reality as possible. Johns adds, “”We’re also exploring a very personal story for Barry — life as a forensic scientist and the people around him, the tragedies and how he deals with them — in a very different way than Oliver Queen.”

It must be said, it’s a bit hard to imagine a character like The Flash being very grounded in reality considering his power, and it’s a bit worrisome considering the fear the creators seem to have of introducing any kind of actual superpowers into their series. DC’s fear of embracing the unbelievable and extraordinary in most cases flies in the face of Marvel’s complete acceptance of it, and it’s pretty obvious in dollars and cents who seems to be doing a better job at capturing the audience these days.

Still, The Flash could be a new and exciting addition to Arrow and to the CW’s lineup, should the spinoff come to fruition.

Arrow returns to the CW from 9th October.