Supernatural Promo Gives Glimpse of Season Nine

A new television promo for Supernatural gives a glimpse at the first episode of season nine. The new season will pick up directly where last season left off, which means that the angels have fallen, Crowley is almost human, Castiel is human, and Sam is dying. Take a look:

Earlier this week iTunes released a special five minute preview of the ninth season, but it’s only available with the purchase of a season pass so I can’t post it here (but check out that link). However, it did give us some interesting new info, including a sneak peek at Castiel as a human–he has to choose between doing laundry or buying food–and Dean has to make a big decision to save Sam’s life. Plus, it looks like Abaddon is back and still played by Alaina Huffman, despite being burned with holy fire last season. She’ll be a main player now that Crowley is no longer King of Hell, and the brothers and Kevin Tran will be hunting down all the information the Men of Letters have about the Knights of Hell in order to defeat her.

Supernatural will premiere its ninth season Tuesday, October 8 at 9pm on the CW. What do you think about the promo? Wishing there was more shirtless Cas (don’t we all)? Let us know in the comments below!