Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Title and Poster Revealed At Last

After months of silence… I’m sorry, I wrote that and I got scared for a second because I thought of THE Silence and imagined their second coming was the reason why we haven’t heard anything about Doctor Who these past few months. Let’s try that again.

After months of silence about Doctor Who’s Fiftieth Anniversary, which lead many restless fans to doubt and question the BBC’s direction of the longest running television program in history, two wonderful treats were released.  One being the name of the 50th, “The Day of The Doctor,” and the other being a friggin’ sweet looking poster! Which I am sure is now the most popular wall paper on everyone’s computer and phone.

Day of The Doctor

A few things about the poster: Yes, looks great. Thank you. But what’s up with Tennant’s hair? Also, Bad Wolf? We still not over that? Looks like this is turning out to be a Time War tale rather than something original. There goes my crazed theory!

But amongst the exploding Tardis and Daleks and Gallifreyan symbols there is something that made me go, “Huh?” Take a close look and you’ll see that Hurt’s Doctor seems to have a Sonic Screwdriver of some sort in his left hand. Tantilizing.

And as all amazing this poster is may I be the one to bite the hand feeding us here and ask, “What about that trailer? I mean this is nice and all, but you let ComicCon have a trailer a couple months back. Kind of like giving everyone there a slice of the cake and the rest of us a picture of some of the ingredients.”

I digress.

Along with the release of the poster and title the BBC announced that they will have more things for us. Well, particularly so if you live in the United Kingdom. I don’t know what all will make it here stateside.

Also if you were wondering how long the episode will be, it is said to be 75 minutes. That’s a quarter longer than normal. Now whether or not it will still be in 3D and in movie theaters remains to be confirmed.

To see what else the BBC is planning for the 50th, follow this link to their press release and marvel at all the filler. I’m personally excited about the mockumentary that Gatiss is doing and the re-airing of the original Doctor Who episode.

What about you? Did the poster do anything for you? What tie-in are you most excited about? Hit me up in the comment box and let me know what you’re thinking about.


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