Ant-Man Release Date Pushed Up to Summer 2015

Ant-Man movie logo

Early concept art for Ant-Man.

Good news, everyone! We’ll be seeing Edgar Wright’s interpretation of Ant-Man sooner than expected. Marvel has moved up the release date to July 31, 2015. Originally it was set for November 6.

Ant-Man will be kicking off Marvel’s Phase Three films, the next set of movies picking up after The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and most likely leading up to a third Avengers adventure. We currently know nothing about the film version of Ant-Man, including a lack of casting announcements or clarification on which version of the superhero we will be getting. All we do know for certain is that he will not be making an appearance in Age of Ultron, despite the fact that Ant-Man was the creator of Ulron in the comic books.

Are you excited about the release date change? Hoping for more news about the film soon? Hoping Simon Pegg will play Ant-Man and Nick Frost the Wasp? Let us now in the comments below!