Dexter, S8 Ep10 – Goodbye Miami

Dexter s8 ep10--Dexter telling Debra that he's leaving

Just two more episodes left to the series. So are things being set up for a happy ending—after, of course, the requisite pain and anguish that series finales must go through? Or do we have just the pain and anguish to look forward to? At this point it could go either way, but it’s definitely going to be a dark and bloody road to the end.

Dr. Vogel

Farewell, another mother-figure.

Biggest news of the night: Bye, bye Vogel. Saxon the Brain Surgeon killed off his own mother. Now that’s not very nice. But she had chosen Dexter over him after seeing just how far gone her real son was. And Daniel, uh, Saxon—whatever you want to call him—he is the jealous type. Thus ends Vogel’s storyline. Whenever a new character is introduced I always see them as up for grabs when it comes to finale deaths, so I’m not surprised that Vogel died and I wasn’t too upset. I’ve learned not to get attached to new characters. But since this is the end for her, it’s interesting to look back at how I thought she would be developed. To be honest, she was always pretty sketchy, and since she advocates murder as long as it’s killing bad guys, sketchy is probably a good way to describe her. But I had been keeping an eye on her to see if she would go fully dark side or not. She did not become a villain as I had suspected—a bit of a surprise for me—instead she stayed in the gray area of character morality, and was even a positive influence on Dexter in some ways. There was some potential that never received the development I had hoped for—I really wanted to know more about how Dexter differs from “normal” psychopaths, but that turned out to be more of a side note. But the role she did ultimately have, and maintained for the most part, was that of a mother for Dexter. And now another mother of his has been killed before his very eyes. He has the worst luck with those.

First Zach, now Vogel. Dexter is losing members of his family awfully quick. I said it before and I’ll say it again, family is a big theme this season. Dexter’s endgame plan is to kill Saxon and then run away with Hannah and Harrison, having a happy, relatively normal family for once. Family has always been the cause of strong emotions in him, emotions that Vogel said weren’t normal for people like him. In the early days, he was always trying to get away from family and friends to go on a hunt, but now family centers him and he seeks out that connection more than before. That also means family is his weak spot, something Saxon can exploit. Two down, three to go? Dexter is going to have to fight like hell to protect the people he loves, but I think one of them is going to get hurt in the process. That’s how these shows work. So will it be Debra, Harrison, or Hannah?

Dexter s8 ep10--Hannah holding coffee cup on beach

Hannah thinking deep thoughts, such as: What does the fox say?

Of course Hannah has her own problems. The Deputy Marshall is back on her trail and he unfortunately got a tip that she might still be involved with Dexter. So Dexter’s happy family is threatened by both a serial killer and the law, but Hannah has to worry more about the law. And of course Harrison is more of a plot device than a character, but he’ll probably get caught in the middle of it all. I don’t think they’ll kill Harrison—killing a kid is going pretty far—but he will no doubt be used at least once more to screw something up, like in this episode, I guarantee it.

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