Glee Kicks Off Season 5 with a Fab Promo!

Spoilers below!!

tumblr_msp48gicOs1shg6yqo2_1280The countdown is on as Glee returns for season 5 September 26th at 9pm (EST) on Fox. With big name casting – Demi Lovato, Adam Lambert – already announced, and production pictures emerging (Klaine dancing and romancing in the courtyard), it’s time for a splashy and intriguing preview and Fox certainly delivered with this one! It covers the first two episodes, “Love, Love, Love” and “Tina In The Sky With Diamonds” and gives us a taste of a track off the upcoming record release. Glee Sings the Beatles will release on September 24, giving you just enough time to memorize the songs before the show.

So let’s take a look…

Go big or go home is clearly the edict! That is some kind of spectacle in 30 seconds.

Did we spy Sue back at McKinley and Figgins as a janitor?! There are some seriously happy smiling faces (well, except Figgins but his bucket did get kicked over…), which isn’t surprising as they sing two episodes worth of one of the most famous bands of all time. Plus we’ve got a carnival, fabulous costumes, prom and oh right – something big involving an iconic song, half of Ohio, rose petals and a shocked Kurt at Dalton. Considering we left season 4 with a shot of Blaine clutching a tiny velvet box, I wonder what that could be!

The two parter kicks off an already infamous season, as original cast member Cory Monteith passed away suddenly over the summer, delaying the season premiere by a week as the cast attempted to grieve and regroup. The third episode of the season will be a tribute to Monteith called “The Quarterback” – a script which has been getting rave reviews by cast members.

Join us after the 26th September premiere for another season of recaps and fun here at With An Accent!


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