‘The Newsroom’ Will Return For A Third Season

According to star Jeff Daniels, HBO’s drama The Newsroom has been picked up for a third season. On Tuesday night, Daniels, who plays ACN news anchor Will McAvoy on the show, tweeted, “It’s official. #Newsroom coming back for a Season 3.” The Tweet comes a month after HBO programming president Michael Lombardo noted publicly that he’d be “shocked” if the series didn’t return. The hold-up has been creator Aaron Sorkin, who will need to pen the Steve Jobs film script before turning his attention back to The Newsroom.Newsroom, Will

The second season of The Newsroom has two episodes remaining, which will be comprised of a two-parter taking place on election night (the season finale will air September 15). In the show’s third season, we will be able to see how Sorkin handles such stories as the Newtown school shooting and the Boston Marathon massacre.