Star Trek Into Darkness: Blu-ray “Rip-off”

Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Poster

Star Trek Into Darkness blu-ray coverStar Trek Into Darkness was a controversial film among fans, with some being absolutely in love with the action and the dialogue while many others picked it apart for a number of reasons, ranging from the reuse of one of Star Trek’s most beloved storylines to the overt sexism and racism. Now the upcoming release of the Blu-ray seems to be angering fans once again but for completely different reasons.

Trek Core did a review of the Blu-ray that lays out the problem perfectly: the special features for the film have been split across several different versions of the Blu-ray so you can’t buy just one copy to have them all. The “normal” Blu-ray, available from most sellers, comes with just seven featurettes on the making of the film, but special retail versions from Target and Best Buy each contain different special features, which means you’d have to buy three different versions to have all the special features available to US residents. Except for the commentary, because the commentary isn’t even on any of these versions; it’s an iTunes exclusive you have to buy separately. And none of the US Blu-ray options even mention deleted scenes, even though we have been teased with mentions of two such scenes, including the infamous “CumberKhan takes a shower” and another scene explaining why Carol Marcus has an English accent in this universe.

As for international copies, the special features aren’t as clear. Which set of special features will other countries receive? If you’re a fan of international media–and if you’re on this site, then you must be–you’re probably used to having to deal with different countries getting different special features. The US version of the DVD for Parked didn’t contain any special features. And remember when the UK release of The Avengers didn’t contain Joss Whedon’s director’s commentary? So this isn’t a completely new issue, but the obvious attempt at getting fans to buy multiple copies of the same movie within the same country is just ridiculous. Some fans, such as myself, were probably not sure if they were going to buy a copy in the first place. Now with this mess going, it might just be easier to wait for another edition to be released containing all the content–if such a fabled thing will ever exist.

Star Trek Into Darkness will be released on DVD and Blu-ray September 2 in the UK and September 10 in the US. What do you think about all of this? Will you be buying a copy? Let us know in the comments!