JK Rowling Misses Dumbledore

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone new cover art with Harry and Hagrid in Diagon Alley

In honor of the new book covers celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Harry Potter books first being published in America, Good Morning America had promised a new interview with J.K. Rowling. Turns out that wasn’t entirely accurate: it wasn’t an interview, it was a short clip from a live video chat J.K. Rowling had done with Scholastic last year. But it was a new clip, so it wasn’t a complete disappointment. In the video, Rowling revealed that the character she misses the most from Harry Potter is Dumbledore. Take a look:

The new cover art will now be available on a special set of Harry Potter paperbacks.

Which character do you miss the most? And will you go out to buy the books with the beautiful new covers? Let us know in the comments below!