Dexter, S8 Ep09 – Make Your Own Kind of Music

The end is near! This was the fourth to last episode of Dexter ever and the last three look like they’ll be a pretty intense ride to the end. This one I think is the set up for that final ride, giving us the missing pieces we’ve been looking for and moving said pieces into place. Like a well played game of chess. Except I don’t play chess. But I can’t think of a good way to make a Spider Solitaire analogy work, so I’m going with chess. Anyway, some big stuff happened in this episode–let’s dive on in.

First, let’s talk about Zach. He’s dead and Dexter is actually upset. The kid annoyed me, but he was going to be Dexter’s “spiritual son” and they did bond in the last episode, so I can see why. Goodbye to that storyline, though it’s probably not the last we hear of it. Of course, now how the heck is Dexter going to tell Zach’s parents what happened? He disposed of the body. Well, looks like that’s going to be a thorn in his side because Zach has been reported missing. Matthews has a close eye on this case because Zach’s family is wealthy, so is Zach’s disappearance going to trip Dexter up in the future? Or is this just going to be one of those side plots that never goes anywhere? We’ve got three episodes left, we’ll find out soon enough.

Deb and Quinn

Quinn is questioning his life choices.

Next, I want to talk about Quinn, because Quinn is an idiot. He kissed Debra. Dude, not cool! You’re still with Jamie! What are you doing? Of course, we saw this coming. He’s hung up on Deb, has been this whole season. Maybe the seriousness of his relationship with Jamie, a relationship that if he were actually devoted to it could lead to marriage and a life together, has made him finally realize that his heart still belongs to Deb. But Deb doesn’t have time for all that. She’s got bigger problems to deal with and a romantic plot line is not something she is looking for—for once in this show (she’s turned down both Quinn and Elway this season, and Elway has turned in to a real dick since). So now what’s Quinn going to do? He’s moved in with Jamie but just kissed his ex. He’s clearly not happy with his life right now—he doesn’t have the woman he really wants, he missed out on sergeant—so is he going to do something crazy to prove himself? There’s been a big focus on Quinn this season, and the sergeant plot line has compelled him to do something that shows he’s a good cop. He’s now on the trail of Cassie’s boyfriend—we’ll discuss him in a bit—and if he keeps at it then he’s going to come across some serious stuff. If he ends up having a role in Dexter’s final fate, I won’t be surprised. And if he doesn’t, I won’t be surprised by that either. Actually, since Deb turned down his advances, I’m wondering if maybe Quinn’s up for one of those final season deaths that shows like to throw in—you know the ones, where they kill off favorite characters now that the writers won’t have to deal with the aftermath of replacing them. Then again, Quinn could outlive everyone. I’m not quite sure what his role will be in the end, but with all the emphasis on his character and his drive to prove himself this season I will be disappointed if that doesn’t come into play before the end.

Deb staring at something on her computer

Google cannot answer your questions, Deb. Believe me, I’ve tried.

Now I want discuss Deb. Deb was given back her badge by Batista and welcomed back to the force, but she’s still not sure if she wants to go back. Seeing as how her brother is a serial killer and she’s hiding another serial killer in her house, that’s perfectly understandable. She wants to go back to making a difference, following her passion in life, but she knows that if she does she’ll be compromised and will have to navigate a tricky double life thanks to knowing the truth about Dexter. This is a major internal crisis and one of the most interesting ones we’ve seen for her in the entire run of the show. She wants to be a good person, she wants to do the right thing, but she’s weighed down both by the things she’s done and by her loyalty to her brother. It’s so complex and fascinating and Jennifer Carpenter is doing a fantastic job this season showing Deb’s ups and downs and conflicted feelings. Last season, Dexter’s fate was decided by Debra—she had a gun pointing at him but chose to shoot LaGuerta instead. Will something similar happen this season? I have a feeling that more than ever Deb is on Dexter’s side. She’s climbed out of hell and is back on her feet. If she’s forced to make another choice like that, I think she would probably find it easier to pick Dexter this time. But what if the other choice is Quinn? What if it’s Quinn who figures it out? I’m not sure if they’re going to go that direction, but it does make you wonder. I think Deb is going to have a big part in the finale—I’ll be disappointed if she doesn’t—but again, I’m not sure what part she’ll play just yet. She’s chosen her side now, she even let Hannah crash at her place, so we know she won’t be turning Dexter in. She won’t even turn Hannah in because she knows it would hurt Dexter. Hell, she even ate food that Hannah made for her, that’s impressive progress! But what role will Deb play in the end? Will she help Dexter escape and cover up for him again? Or will she go down fighting in the final battle that’s brewing?

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