Captain America: The Winter Soldier Will Show New Side of Nick Fury

Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie logo

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick FuryWe’ve seen Nick Fury as a mysterious figure who shows up after the credits in Iron Man, we’ve seen him so determined to get the Avengers together that he made Coulson’s playing cards look like they had been covered in blood (those were near-mint!), but now we’re going to see a different side to Nick Fury in the upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Samuel L. Jackson told USA Today in an interview about the role his character will play in the new film:

You see Nick Fury the office guy, him going about the day-to-day work of SHIELD and the politics as opposed to that other stuff.

It’s great to have him dealing with Captain America in terms of being able to speak to him soldier to soldier and try to explain to him how the world has changed in another way while he was frozen in time.

Some of the people who used to be our enemies are now our allies – him trying to figure out, ‘Well, how do we trust those guys?’ or ‘How do we trust the guys that you didn’t trust who don’t trust you?’

He also commented on Fury’s relationship with Black Widow:

When I talk to Natasha, it’s as a father figure because he loves her in a way that he doesn’t love anybody else as part of that whole group of people.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be released in theaters April 4, 2014. Looking forward to seeing Nick Fury in the film? Let us know in the comments below!