The Newsroom S2 Ep6 – One Step Too Many

After the overall excellence of last week, this week was a bit of a letdown. Not awful, but I’m not hugely into this Genoa storyline. Which is sort of problematic, since it’s the main storyline for this season.

Jerry’s back this week, as the ACN Red Team has their first meeting. Jerry seems to think they have enough evidence to air right now, but Charlie is not satisfied. They need more witnesses.

Meanwhile, Will is still super insecure about his viewing numbers. Sloan basically stops just short of telling him he’s being a moron for caring so much about the numbers, while Nina tries to come up with ways for him to fix the problem. Of course, Will listens to Nina more than Sloan at first, but when his attempt to look more approachable and folksy by going on ACN’s morning show ends with him breaking some stage lights with a football, he decides to A) stop caring about the numbers so much, and B) break up with Nina. Well, she was probably genuine in her desire to help, but she also was feeding Will’s self-doubt, so that was probably the right choice. Especially since Will didn’t yell and scream and chew her out.

At least it was the combined incompetence of Charlie and Mack that caused this situation, not just Mack.

At least it was the combined incompetence of Charlie and Mack that caused this, not just Mack.

On the Genoa front, Mackenzie and Charlie go to visit retired General Stanislav Stomtonovich, who is in a position to confirm or deny the use of sarin gas in the operation. He is played by the always awesome Stephen Root. (Thankfully, although Mack knocks over the general’s garbage cans with her car upon arrival, no one makes any jokes about women drivers, because if they had I would have punched Sorkin in the face through my laptop screen.)

Then comes the titular “one step too many.” When Jerry goes to interview Stomtonovich the next day, although the general begins the session by stating that Genoa happened (in Maggie’s hearing, hence her confirmation of it in “Unintended Consequences”), he never comes right out and says it in the interview. But he comes close enough that Jerry can easily edit the audio to make it sound like he said it. So Jerry does. Because Jerry is a moron. Is this guy seriously filing a wrongful termination suit against ACN? But the altered audio is convincing enough that Charlie agrees to let the story air. In his session with Rebecca Halliday, Charlie announces that he knew they had a problem just minutes after it aired: “It was all fake.”

In other news, Jim tries to go out on a date with Hallie after a Romney fundraiser dinner. But not only does Hallie invite an acquaintance of hers along so that Jim can bring Neal and make it a double date, but she also invites Romney spokeswoman Taylor. We find out that Taylor got fired for trying to get Romney to improve the content of his message in ways that make sense. Poor Taylor. You should come work for ACN in some capacity, Taylor, so you can be even more like Ainsley Hayes 2.0, and so we can continue to see you now and then.

I love you, Sloan. (And so does Don.)

I love you, Sloan. (And now Don has admitted he does, too!)

Finally, I have to repeat how much I love Sloan, especially in her interactions with Will this week. I love how much Will respects her and loves her – indeed, like a brother and sister who have grown up together. Her “I love you, Will”, and his, “Thanks, sis” made me grin. I also enjoyed Don and Mack’s interactions in the bar. Nice to see all four of them acting like adults with each other.

Well, next week I’m guessing we’ll get more Genoa fallout. What fun!