Dexter, S8 Ep07 – Dress Code

Dexter and Hannah at a club

Last week we ended on a cliffhanger: Dexter and Debra passed out because Hannah poisoned their food. That’s one way to say hi to your ex. And last week Dexter also decided to take on an “intern” in Zach, the serial-killer-in-training. We have an abundance of serial killers this season. Since Dexter always goes after murderers he’s usually around them anyway, but they just keep popping up now. This episode posed the question, can anything good come from putting two serial killers together? Well, what about three?

Miles, Hannah, and Dexter at a club

Miles, you married a serial killer and now you’re threatening a serial killer. How did you think this was going to end?

This week we learn that Hannah didn’t kill Dexter. She just left him in the middle of nowhere. And she left Deb alone completely other than the initial passing out. Her reason: She doesn’t want Dexter dead, she wanted him to kill her possessive new husband. It looks like she’s still in love with Dexter and he’s still in love with her. But Deb wants Hannah gone. Are they setting up the weirdest love triangle ever? Maybe not, because Hannah’s feelings might not be what they seem. According to Hannah’s husband, Dexter is her “unfinished business,” so is she really here to rekindle the romance? Or does she have a more complicated scheme for revenge that involves getting him to fall for her again before she kills him? Or worse.

Hannah is a cool character, so I’m glad to see her back, but her husband was taken care of a little too easily this episode when Hannah killed him in self-defense. That is bound to come back to bite her in the butt. And if it doesn’t then that will have been another pointless subplot of this season that was wrapped up too quickly and easily. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for Hannah and how her role is going to develop leading up to the final episode, but there are too many things being crammed into this final season and none of them feel like they are building up to something monumental. This doesn’t feel like a final season. In fact it already feels like we’ve entered into another season after the death of the Brain Surgeon. I hope Hannah’s role is important because she has been introduced rather late in the game here. Though that late introduction probably is due to the fact that Debra needed to get back on track after her breakdown. Hannah coming back is messing Deb up again, and I think there’s going to be a showdown between these two. That’s why I’m wondering about that love triangle. Is this going to be a fight for Dexter’s love? I really hope not, but I do want to see them face-off.

Cassie and her new boyfriend

At least she must have had fun before she got fridged.

As for the other serial killer introduced late this season, we have the new killer on the block, Zach. Dexter has taken him under his wing and is trying to teach him the code, but Zach has already killed and can’t control his urges. At the end of this episode it looked like he had killed again by bludgeoning Dexter’s neighbor Cassie the same way he had killed Norma Rivera. I knew Cassie couldn’t last on this show, she was way too nice and didn’t go for Dexter when their first date ended up more awkward than charming. RIP another one of Dexter’s love interests. I don’t think Zach can be taught the code because he’s started too late. He’s too impulsive and, as Vogel pointed out, he’s killed already.

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