Trailer for ‘How I Live Now”

How I Live Now - Saoirse RonanHow I Live Now is based on Meg Rosoff’s novel of the same name, and directed by Kevin Macdonald (director of The Last King of Scotland). Saoirse Ronan plays Daisy, an American who is visiting family in the UK when World War Three breaks out. Daisy and her friends fight to remain in their quiet idyllic part of the British countryside, but soon there’s a nuclear attack in Britain, and her quiet life is ripped apart when enemy forces pull her away from her friends.

I’ll admit I’m not familiar with the source material, but Ronan has proven herself to be so very discerning and clever in her film choices, that just her name being attached made me interested. After having watched the trailer, I’m definitely in.

How I Live Now opens in the UK on 4th October, and a US release date is yet to be determined.