Doctor Who? The Twelfth Doctor was almost a black man, reveals Neil Gaiman

Doctor Who - The Eleven DoctorsYep, you read that right. According to writer Neil Gaiman the powers that be behind Doctor Who originally offered the role of The Twelfth Doctor to someone other than Peter Capaldi, and that actor was a black male.

In a response to a question on his personal Tumblr, as to whether or not he believed The Doctor could ever  be a person of color, Gaiman responded with:

Of course. (I thought I’d said that I was disappointed that it didn’t happen this time, and that there are some amazing actors out there. I was rather disappointed that Paterson Joseph didn’t get it last time, although I’ve loved Matt’s Eleven.) And yes, I have no doubt there will be. (I know one black actor who was already offered the part of the Doctor, and who turned it down.)  Just as there will be a female Doctor.

Now just who might that actor have been? Speculation was rife that Idris Elba (Luther, Pacific Rim) was a favorite before the announcement that Peter Capaldi had taken on the role. I’ve always wanted to see what Chiewetel Ejifor (Serenity) could do with the role, personally. But who do you think this mysterious actor could have been?

Doctor Who returns on 23rd November for a worldwide simulcast of its 50th Anniversary, and Peter Capaldi will make his debut in Matt Smith’s final episode as The Eleventh Doctor on Christmas Day.