More News on Supernatural Spin-Off

Dean-and-SamOne of the biggest surprises from Comic-Con about Supernatural was that a spin-off is in the works. We now have more details about this possible extension of the Supernatural universe.

Apparently it will take place in Chicago instead of on the road and it will introduce new characters. The producers described it as more of an ensemble show, with families of humans and monsters. There will be both human and monster characters (I assume they mean in the main cast, because Supernatural already has both humans and monsters), and the show will explore the clashes between them.

Hmm, that sounds interesting. But which monsters live in Chicago? Will it be based on old favorites like vampires or will they be introducing something new? After everything Supernatural has done–putting the characters in the place of the actors who play them, changing history to raise the Titanic, fighting killer clowns–this might be the weirdest thing for fans to deal with.

Supernatural returns for its ninth season this fall, with the premiere date recently changed to October 8 at 9pm on the CW. What do you hope to see in the spin-off? And are you at all surprised that monsters live in Chicago? Let us know in the comments below!