Veronica Mars SDCC Recap

The Veronica Mars panel consisted of creator Rob Thomas, Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars), Enrico Colantoni (Keith Mars), Francis Capra (Weevil Navarro), Percy Daggs III (Wallace Fennel), Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls), Ryan Hansen (Dick Casablancas), Chris Lowell (Piz), and Tina Majorino (Mac).

Panel Highlights:

  • The movie will revolve around Veronica being pulled back into the P.I. life she left behind.
  • Kristen revealed that she found out about the show’s cancellation the day before she shot the scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall where her character finds out her show was cancelled.
  • Veronica’s first lines in the movie are: “Charming drinks names. I can’t decide between A Beast with Two Backs or a Donkey Punch. Ooh, do you think they would let me order a virgin Devirginator?”
  • The Kickstarter video was actually shot over a year and a half ago, and Dax Sheppard is the one who made the puppet theater.

Veronica Mars SDCC - castFan Q&A Highlights:

  • Rob’s favorite scene from the show is LoVe’s first kiss and he admitted to rewatching the scene over and over until his wife came in and caught him in tears.
  • Ryan’s first line in the movie is: “Logan.”
  • Percy had his first snickerdoodle on the show.
  • The film had a 23-day shoot and filming wrapped last Monday.
  • There will not be any other Echolls’ in the movie aside from Logan. Allyson Hannigan will not be coming back as Trina, but there will be other surprises.
  • There will not be any mentions of missing characters (like Duncan Kane) but there will be plenty of Easter eggs for fans. Rob didn’t want to put in too much mythology for people who are coming fresh to the movie.
  • The movie will come out early 2014.
  • Rob has signed a Veronica Mars book deal. The story will pick up where the movie leaves off, and the first one will be released just after the movie’s release.

The group made it clear that the making of the film was a surreal experience from conception to execution.  Tina explained that it’s because on film their characters are going through a reunion similar to the one the actors also went through.

Funny moments scattered through out the panel:

  • Jason wore a Team Piz shirt while Chris wore a Team Logan shirt. Later, Ryan revealed his Team Dick shirt.
  • Brandon Hillock (Deputy Sacks), as a fan, asked the panel: “Did you take out the Deputy Sacks nude scene?”
  • Lots of love for Tina’s haircut.
  • The panel was given a,  “if you could play another character” question. Tina, Ryan, Jason, and Kristen all said Dick. Chris would play Logan. Percy and Francis would play each other. Rico would play Vinny Van Lowe.  Rob surprised everyone by saying he’d play Principal Clemens.

It’s obvious that the cast and crew are excited and proud about the work they’ve done for the franchise, and the film is no doubt up to par with that.

You can take your first look at the Veronica Mars film below.  Then let us know what you think about the trailer, and about what you learned from the panel, in the comments!