Indira Varma joins the cast of ‘Game of Thrones’

Game of Thrones - Indira VarmaIndira Varma (Rome, Torchwood) is joining the cast of Game of Thrones for the fourth season. She’ll play Ellaria Sand, the paramour of another new character, Prince Oberyn Martell, ‘The Red Viper’, who will be played by Pedro Pascal.

Last week, Showrunner David Benioff told Entertainment Weekly that he expects Season 4 to be the best yet.

“We got more action, which is obviously more time consuming. It’s a brutal shooting season ahead. But if we can make it through, yeah, I think it’s going to surpass season three. The last 3 episodes, there’s so many scenes we’ve been waiting for so long to do. And it just gets more and more fun to write for these characters. After three years of doing it, we have that much more comfort to make everything uncomfortable for them. We’re very excited for it.”

Production on Game of Thrones forth season is expected to start soon, with the season scheduled to air on HBO in Spring 2014.