More Supernatural News from Comic-Con

Supernatural SDCC 2013 panel

The panel is over, but more details are trickling in from the various press room interviews that the cast and crew of Supernatural did during Comic-Con. Screen Fad did a great set with the cast and crew here, and those videos are also posted below. TV Line did an interview with Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard here, and that interview you can also find below.

Quick summary of some highlights you’ll find in these interviews:

  • Season 9 picks up where season 8 left off
  • Dean is keeping a secret from Sam (again) and it’s about Sam (again), particularly how Sam survived after refusing to complete the last trial
  • Sam is going to want to cure ALL the demons
  • The angels will still have part of their power but no wings, so no teleportation
  • Cas will question where he fits in now that he’s human, along with having to face some pretty human things (like using the bathroom)
  • Cas will start off the season running from the angels because some of them are definitely not on his side
  • In-fighting between the demons now that the King (Crowley) is trapped in the Men of Letters bunker
  • Metatron will get lonely in heaven
  • Charlie will return in episode 9.04 and possibly others, Kevin will be back, and Jody Mills is alive and we will “see her soon”

TV Line interview:

Screen Fad interviews: