Guardians of the Galaxy: A Few More SDCC Updates

Guardians of the Galaxy logo

Some more news from Comic-Con about Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, including details about Thanos.  Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said that Thanos will be in the movie, confirming rumors that have been circulating for some time. He also said, “We have big plans for him over the course of a long, long time.” After the tease at the end of The Avengers revealing Thanos as the mastermind behind the events of the movie, fans assumed he would probably return in the sequel. When Guardians was confirmed fans also assumed he would be involved there too, since he has a big part in that series. But with the news that the Avengers sequel would be Age of Ultron, a character who traditionally has nothing to do with Thanos, his involvement in the Marvel Movie Universe came under some doubt. But since it sounds like they hope to keep Thanos involved, perhaps he’ll still have a role to play in later films. We’ll have to wait and see (and speculate like crazy).

We also have a picture of some props for Guardians, including Star-Lord’s helmet, that were on display at Comic-Con, guarded by two people dressed in the Nova Corps uniform:

guardians-of-the-galaxy-props from SDCC 2013


Guardians of the Galaxy will be released August 1, 2014. What do you think about the Thanos news? Any theories? Let us know in the comments below!