Supernatural Comic-Con News Roundup

Supernatural SDCC 2013 panel

Supernatural had its panel in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con this year, and a few details about the upcoming season nine were pried from the tight lips of the cast and crew. Before the panel a clip from season nine was shown, which EW has recapped here. Of course that footage has not been released to the general public, but a “sizzle reel” was shown also, showcasing highlights from season eight, and that has been released:

The big news out of the panel was that with the angels now on Earth, things are going to be a “free-for-all.” They will all have different agendas and their paths will intersect with the Winchesters in a big way. Also, the brothers are now on good terms again, closer than before, because for the first time in a long time they chose each other over saving the world. But unfortunately they will have to face the consequences of that, by living in a world where the usual dynamics of heaven and hell are no longer the same. There was also discussion about how Castiel will have to learn how to do simple human things now that he no longer has powers (there was mention of a three episode arc for him learning to use the bathroom, which I assume is a joke, but this is the show that brought us “The French Mistake”). In addition, the Men of Letters bunker still has rooms that have yet to be explored, so we should expect to see more of that in the next season. Also, Felicia Day will return as Charlie Bradbury. The writers have “big plans for her.”

There was also some confirmation/further details revealed about two things that we’ve already heard about. One: Misha Collins, who we had heard already would be directing an episode this season, will be directing episode 17 of season nine. Two: Jim Beaver will be returning as Bobby Singer, something Jim tweeted about recently. His return was confirmed with a strong emphasis on it happening in a way you would not expect.

And in case you’re wondering, according to Felicia Day, Jensen Ackles smells like coriander and leather.

After the panel, Jensen and Jared headed over to Nerd HQ where they answered questions from the audience. There weren’t any big revelations, though reportedly Dean will be seeing some “action” this season, the first in a long time. Also, Jensen would love to see Benny return to the show. You can watch that interview here (skip to 13:15):

After the panel we also learned that a Supernatural spin-off is in the works. Episode 20 will be a backdoor pilot, introducing a new character who will be the center of the new show. That’s all the info so far, but we’ll keep you posted as this story develops.

What do you think? Was there anything you’re dying to know that you wish had been asked during the panel? What are your hopes (or fears) for the spin-off? Let us know in the comments below!