Dexter S8 Ep04 – Scar Tissue

Vogel and Debra

This week’s episode of Dexter has a wonderful bit of symmetry to it. It started off with Debra imagining what it would have been like killing Dexter instead of LaGuerta, and then it ends with Deb actually trying to kill Dexter. Beautiful, isn’t it? Vogel tried to give Deb therapy this episode to make her feel better about killing an innocent person to protect a serial killer, but I don’t think it worked.

Deb and Dexter are the center of the plot this season, their stories and lives intertwined so that the big things going on in their lives are always connected to, and go back to, each other. Dexter is worried about losing Deb because Deb is having a hard time dealing with who Dexter is and what her love for him made her do. And that’s the thing – at the heart of this tangled mess is love. Dexter’s love for Deb has him consumed with worry about losing her from his life, which is distracting him from his usual activity of hunting down and killing murderers.

Yates drinking a Pepsi

This episode brought to you by Pepsi, the preferred drink of serial killers.

In previous seasons, Dexter would have blown her off if she wanted to have a conversation with him when he was about to go on the prowl, but now he makes time for her rather than his Dark Passenger. Then there’s Deb, who couldn’t kill Dexter or let him get caught by LaGuerta, so she sacrificed everything that she stands for and believes in by killing LaGuerta instead. And that has sent her off the deep end, quite literally in this episode.

It’s that love that Vogel is trying to get Dexter to deny, so that he fits into her definition of a psychopath. But we saw in this episode that that love is not a false love, not like what other psychopaths feel, like what Vogel insists it is. Dexter managed to find the Brain Surgeon, one of Vogel’s patients who had actual brain surgery (you would think she would have suggested him as the first suspect). Yates didn’t seem like he was the Brain Surgeon at first, because his usual kill method looks like it involves stealing women’s shoes and then doing who knows with the victim. But he had a handy dandy cabinet filled with all the things the Brain Surgeon would need, including a diagram, so we must conclude that this little dalliance of his is probably a message for Vogel.

Deb and Dexter in a car

Most awkward car ride ever.

The thing is the Brain Surgeon had a father in a hospital, and when Dexter tried to play on the guy’s sympathy for his dad to catch him, the Brain Surgeon risked his father’s life as a distraction to escape. Dexter would never do that. Dexter would never risk the life of Deb or Harrison for anything. He truly seems to love them, and they aren’t just props to make him look normal. Rita was a prop at first, but I think he came to love her too. However, Deb means so much more to him. Whatever Vogel says, Dexter’s feelings are real.

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