X-Men Spinoff Film of X-Force in the Works

X-Men movie poster

Art from the X-Force comicLooks like 20th Century Fox is nowhere near done with the X-Men franchise just yet. With the sequel/prequel to First Class due in theaters next year and The Wolverine coming out later this month, you would think they had enough on their plate dealing with the franchise, but it has just been announced that another spinoff is in the works.

An adaptation of X-Force has been green-lit for development with Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2) set to write and possibly direct. The original comic book series featured teenage mutants who had matured into adults, as well as the time-traveler Cable, in its lineup, but there have been other versions over the years so it is not known for certain which iteration will be used for the upcoming film. No other details have been officially released, so we will keep you updated.

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