New Scoop on NBC’s Dracula from Executive Producer

dracula title card

The big question surrounding NBC’s Dracula is how their upcoming television show is going to differ from other versions of Bram Stoker’s work, and Bram Stoker’s novel itself.  Entertainment Weekly caught some scoop from Executive Producer Tony Krantz (24).  He let the magazine in on a change in relationship between Dracula (The Tudors’ Jonathan Rhys Meyers) and Van Helsing (Thomas Kretschmann).  According to Krantz:


In our tale, Dracula and Van Helsing are actually partners. They’ve partnered up to fight a bigger bad, which is called The Order of the Dragon, a secret organization. This is an order of right-wing zealots who cursed Dracula and turned him into a vampire years ago. We flash forward to today to Victorian England where Dracula has assumed the alter ego of an American inventor by the name of Alexander Grayson. He has come to England to essentially avenge the fact that he was turned into a monster years ago.

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