Dexter S8 Ep02 – Every Silver Lining

Dexter and Dr. Vogel

Things are going in some interesting directions on Dexter. Deb is falling further and further away from the person we used to know, and Dexter is learning more about how he became who he is thanks to Dr. Vogel. Vogel is giving off a creepy mom vibe around Dexter that I’m not entirely sure how to interpret, but she is clearly going to be the center of a lot of the developments this season, so she is definitely someone to watch. This episode was fascinating in how things played out, but I’m not liking the direction Deb is going in, simply because you can see the inevitable collision of this Doom Train up ahead. And she is just not getting off it.

Dr. Vogel

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but I made you a serial killer, so help me maybe?

The episode started off with an explanation for the last episode’s big reveal: Vogel knows about Dexter’s code. And why is that? Because she created it. Yeah, that’s right, Vogel is Dexter’s creator. But she insisted it wasn’t in a Dr. Frankenstein kind of way, but more of a motherly kind of way. Creepy motherly kind of way. Vogel gave Dexter’s father advice on what to do with Dexter, never meeting with Dexter herself, and she recorded her sessions with Harry, recordings now on DVDs. She baits Dexter with them to get him to help her find the serial killer of the season: the Brain Surgeon. The Brain Surgeon may be a former patient of Vogel’s—or at least obsessed with her because he left the removed piece of brain from his victim at her door—so she wants Dexter to find him first. That way no one will uncover Vogel’s unorthodox methods of dealing with psychopaths. Apparently Vogel thinks psychopaths like Dexter are “a gift,” that they are necessary and important members of society, like alpha wolves. (Unfortunately for those who are fans of both Dexter and Teen Wolf, this may cause unintentional laughter for five minutes as you imagine Dexter in werewolf make-up. Just saying.)

Dexter holding plastic bag

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag…that was used as a murder weapon?

The Brain Surgeon story almost seemed like it was going to be wrapped up early this season. They found another body, Dexter found a fingerprint, found a match, then found the guy, but he had killed himself. Watching it you just knew that this couldn’t be it, because we never find out this stuff so early or so easily. So of course the other shoe fell, or rather the other DVD, because the Surgeon left a recording of the murder in Vogel’s home that showed the man whose fingerprint Dexter had found had actually been coerced to murder the victim by the real killer.

So is the Brain Surgeon making other people commit all his crimes or just this one, like a message to Vogel? And would that message by any chance be something along the line of: “hey, you made me into a killer by promoting my serial killer tendencies, so now I’m making other people kill for me like you made me kill for you?” Or am I looking too much into this? Because it seems to me that Vogel’s love of psychopaths and promoting “healthy” outlets for their murderous hobbies, like what she did for Dexter, may be coming back to haunt her. (Or she is the Brain Surgeon, but that feels so obvious to the point that it couldn’t be her.)

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