Michelle Dockery Talks About Life After Matthew Crawley


Is there life for Mary Crawley on Downton Abbey after the death of her beloved husband Matthew?  In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Michelle Dockery told the magazine that Matthew’s death “opened up a whole door of opportunity for Mary.”  In a previous interview with the LA Times, Dockery noted that Mary would eventually move on from Matthew.  Also, Downton Abbey’s creator, Julian Fellowes, has said that Dockery’s character will explore the grief behind Mary Crawley’s situation, and audiences will enjoy watching her journey on the show.

“The predicament that Mary’s in now is that she does need to find someone eventually,” Dockery said.  “She has the heir to Downton, she has baby George and she is under pressure to find someone. In that world, women had to find someone. It was all about marriage and who you’d spend the rest of your life with.”

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