Donald Glover Scales Back “Community” Service

Some shows just can’t catch a break.Donald Glover as Troy Barnes

The tumultuous history of NBC’s Community continued today, as TVLine has confirmed that Donald Glover — known to fans as the lovable jock-turned-geek Troy Barnes — will appear in only five of the upcoming fifth season’s thirteen episodes. It’s understood that Glover wishes instead to focus on his music career as Childish Gambino.

The news is sure to startle and upset fans of Community, as Troy is undoubtedly one of the ensemble show’s most popular characters. Troy’s close relationship with Danny Pudi’s Abed Nadir has been a cornerstone of Community‘s emotional core since its first season, and losing that partnership is sure to be a blow to both the show and its viewers.

Glover joins Chevy Chase as the second original cast member to depart the show. Even with creator Dan Harmon back at the helm, it’s hard to imagine what Community will look like when it returns, with Jeff Winger graduated, Chevy Chase gone, and only Abed in the morning.