Michael C. Hall Hints at Dexter’s End, Plus New Preview

Dexter title card

Dexter‘s eighth and final season will premiere soon, and everyone is wondering what’s going to happen to their favorite serial killer. Michael C. Hall gave an interview with TV Guidewhere he discussed what Dexter’s fate may be when the season ends:

Can Dexter survive? Well, he’s certainly a survivor. But there are a lot of cracks in the edifice he’s created for himself. He can’t survive forever in the context we’ve seen him in. Something’s got to give.

Sounds like big changes will be in store for Dexter if he wants to live past the finale. And speaking of big changes – his sister, Debra, has quit Miami Metro and has gotten into some pretty heavy stuff, as you can see from the preview clip below:

Prepare yourself for big changes when Dexter premieres this Sunday, June 30, 9 pm EST on Showtime. How do you think the series will end? Sound off in the comments!

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